Monday, April 9, 2012

PetSupermarket Customer Appreciation Day, March 31, 2012

On Saturday March 31 we went to PetSupermarket for Customer Appreciation Day!  We went in the morning to enter the Pet Fashion Contest.
I wore my red dress that mom sewed for me to wear at the dog wedding last year at BarkWorld Expo .  Several people said I was very pretty!  I didn't win though.
A cute Schnauzer in a dress made by her mom won.  Her mom was very nice. 

I think I was a close second though!  BOL!!

Afterwards, we went home and mom put on her red dress and we went back to enter the Look-A-Like contest.  We won that one, by default, the other entrant was too late. BOL!!!  At least we had a fun outing!  My favorite part was when we saw one of my trainers there with her long-furred Doxie that I had been wanting to sniff!

Paw Waves and Pommie Wiggles!

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