Monday, July 23, 2012

Nutro - Quality and Safety - video

As many of you know, I have joined the Nutro Knowledge Network.  I am very excited to be one of the  first members!  As a member, I have access to pawsome site where I can get the inside scoop!
I found this great video on the site that shows how serious Nutro is about quality, safety, and cleanliness!  I thought some of you might like to see it too. 

  •  I am most impressed that the people put their faces in handfuls of food!   Of course if Mom did that to my food, I'd probably thing she was eating it.  I would not be pleased to see her stealing my food!   BOL!!!   You know I am very protective of my possessions, particularly the edible ones!  BOL!!! 
I am happy to see that only Nutro is made at Nutro plants, so I don't have to worry about contamination from cheaper foods.  I am glad my food is thoroughly tested and safe, as well as tasty and nutritious!   Mom is happy to see how well tested my food is.  She carries some of my kibble in a pouch to give me as treats, and she can't wash her hands every time she gives one to me.   (Especially if she is driving, our car doesn't have a sink in it!  BOL!)   You can see how she would be concerned after those people got salmonella earlier this year from touching dog food.   Thankfully, I have been eating Nutro for a few years now, so Mom wasn't exposed to those nasty germs!  
Mom, I know you want to give me a crunchy treat right now, you know you do, go on, get the treats, give them to me.....
BOL!!  Do I sound like a commercial yet?  If I do, that is because I really believe in Nutro, and I was a fan/consumer a long time before I was invited to join the Nutro Knowledge Network.  Now I have a good excuse to bark about my favorite topic - FOOD!!!!  BOL!!!
Disclaimer:   "This post was written by a Nutro Knowledge Network Member and sponsored by the Nutro Company."

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