Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Cat's Meow and My Nutro Rewards Progam

BOL!!  Yes, I know I'm a dog, but I have lots of online kitty pals.
I thought it would be nice to let them meow about their special pawsonalities.
Okay, I confess, Mom was a cat lady before she met me.   She is particularly fond of Siamese cats and their related breeds.  I think she likes their blue eyes.   
He liked to sleep in the sink.  BOL!

Mom's first pet as an adult was a Seal-point Siamese cat.  She says he was pawsome and was her best buddy for his lifetime.  She has had other cats, but he was extra special, just like me.  She still misses how he would "spoon" with her at night.  He would put his head on her shoulder, stretch out his front legs along her arm, and put his back against her torso.   None of her other cats ever did that.  I don't do that either.  BOL!  
Come on kitty pals, let me hear you meow loud and proud!
Tell me about your cute habits and special moments!
My first balls were kitty jingle balls.  They were the only ones small enough for me to pick up.

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  1. OMC! Pepper I love sleeping with mommy just like that to. I also like to get in her lap when she's at the kitchen table with her feet up on a chair. I stretch out on her legs as far as I can! My favorite toy from being a kitten is an old small grey Barbie poodle and I still have it. We will check out the My Nutro Rewards program.

  2. Hi Pepper!

    I love sleeping in between moms legs when she is sleeping & I also like getting on top of her hip.. I like jumping on the window ledges & looking outside the window.. My favorite toy is a blue rubber ball & nip..

  3. I'm also a cat person, even though I don't have a kitty at the moment. My Kitty Kitty Meow Meow used to like to sleep in the sink too!

  4. I have kitty friends too :) I think Siamese cats are nice

  5. I used to drink from the kitchen faucet before I got my kitty fountain. Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrs.