Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Lickety Stik Introduces New Flavors!! - Product Review and Giveaway

I have new Lickety Stiks!
You may remember I barked about Lickety Stik treats from PetSafe in May 2012.
Now I am barking about them again.   They have 3 new yummy flavors!
My licker is ready to test these new flavors!

My pals at PetSafe sent all 3 new flavors to me for a taste test.
Which one do I want to lick first? 

 The new flavors are Peanut Butter, Big Beef, and Sharp Cheese!   I love the human food versions of all of those flavors!  Let's see what I think of the dog versions.
You know I love the cheese one.
Yummy!  Cheese!!  I'm not in school right now, how did I earn this pawsome cheese treat?  I'd like to know so I can do it again for some more!  BOL!
OMD!  This is delicious.  Hold it right there while I lick it!
Delicious!  I adore beef!  I usually have to "heel" in a crowd to earn a bite of steak or burger.  Is today my birthday?
Just let me have one more lick, please!!!!
Peanut Butter!  It isn't a crunchy cookie and it doesn't stick to roof of my mouth, nose, chin, fur, etc.....  BOL!!
 These are pawsome treats, I love them!  100% Pepper approved!
Naturally, the new Lickety Stik flavors have all have all of the same benefits and features as the original flavors.  (Please see my Lickety Stik review from May 2012 for details.)

I like them so much that I have collected several Lickety Stiks since May.  BOL!  I have the first one from my review, plus Mom bought each of the original flavors.  I also won one from To Dog With Love, then I received the three new flavors to taste.  I am doing happy wiggles!  I have opened and licked one of each flavor.  I think all 6 flavors are yummy!  (Dog Lickety Stick flavors:  Big Beef, Sharp Cheese, Peanut Butter, Smokey Bacon, Savory Chicken, and Braised Liver)

They also have Lickety Stiks for cats now! (Cat Lickety Stick flavors:  Chicken, Turkey, Salmon, Tuna, Beef, and Dairy)  I will not be taste testing the cat ones because I am not a cat.  BOL!
You're going to give one of MY Lickety Stiks away?  You're kidding right? 
I happen to have an extra Bacon flavor Lickety Stik that isn't open.  Mom says she will give it to one lucky USA reader!  (We all know I would prefer to keep it and lick it dry, if the choice were mine.  BOL!!)

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  1. Count me in!! I love these Stiks!! Mommy takes them on our walks, in case we furget when to sit! Pepper, how long will it take you to go through all of yours, BOL!!!!

  2. Bacon! know I want that one Momz get me entered fast!

  3. Roscoe and Monnie love these. You have kewl new flavors Pepper, They have chicken, bacon and liver but peanutbutter or the cheese they would really love!

  4. The pups have never tried these. I'm sure their favorite would be Savory Chicken : )

  5. Shiner has never tried a lickety stick before Miss Pepper. But I bet she would just love to taste a bacon flavored one! So nice of you to share yours!

  6. My dog has never tried these but he sure loves treats so I know he'd love to try them.

  7. We tried them... and love 'em!

  8. Hi has nominated you as my guest blogger for my Share It Sunday feature. You don't have to do anything just select a post you would like me to show case and I will do the rest. Pop over and let me know the link via a comment. I am at Have a super Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

  9. Brilliant. I will get it ready for next Sunday. Thanks for getting back to me and we hope you have a great day.
    best wishes Molly

  10. Pepper, you get all the bling and now you are getting treats too?!? Golly, girl...I may have to enter your give-away. I'll do almost anything for bacon (or bacon flavor)!
    *Cairn cuddles*

  11. My dogs would like the beef, bacon, or cheese.

  12. I think mine would like any, but the bacon sounds barkin' good!

  13. I got in some entries hoped it worked, I eanred entries, so when that happens is it automatically entered because I couldn't find a button to enter my entries i earned. And I don't care which flavor just no peanut butter