Friday, March 29, 2013

ModaPet - Pet Product Review and Giveaway!

Are you looking for a stylish pet bowl? 
Trying to avoid fragile pottery, and toxic lead glazes?

Welcome to
Logo graphic courtesy of ModaPet.

My new ModaPet bowls are beautiful!
ModaPet's unique bowls feature beautiful jewel tones and styles that resemble potteryThey are designed to complement a home's decor.  They do not feature pet themed motifs such as paw prints, bones, or whiskers.  Unlike pottery, they will not shatter if you drop them.  Since they are not pottery, there is no glaze.  (There is no lead either.  BOL!!)
      Cinnamutt          Some Like It Hot
These attractive ModaPet bowls are made of food grade ABS polymer that is BPA free.  They feature a nonskid base that is made of TPE polymer that has been overmolded to the ABS polymer.  This process makes the bowls dishwasher safe.   (Bowls that have rubber glued to the bottom are not dishwasher safe.  The glue normally breaks down after a few cycles in the dishwasher.)
  Global Pet Expo 2013 booth photo courtesy of ModaPet.
ModaPet bowls have a solid feel, and are extremely durable.  There is a video on their website (bottom right corner of page) that shows a lady running over one with a large SUV.  The bowl doesn't break.   I think that is pawmazing!
Mom, I'm pretty sure your supposed to put food in these.
I'm eating supper out of the Some Like It Hot bowl.
The 2 cup size is pawfect for cats and small dogs.   There are several colors to chose from.   I chose Some Like It Hot (pink) of course!   The 2 cup size is also available in these colors:
                                           Teal Appeal       Lemon Zest       Cool Azul        Pesto                                                                                                                    Photos courtesy of ModaPet.

I'm drinking out of the Cinnamutt bowl.
The 4 cup size makes a furrific water bowl for dogs of all sizes, and a pawome food bowl for large dogs. I chose Cinnamutt (red) for my water bowlThe 4 cup size is also available in these colors:
                                   Ultra Violet      True Blue    Green With Envy    Sunflower                                                                                            Photos courtesy of ModaPet.

Cousin Lily (Rhodesian Ridgeback) eating out of the Cinnamutt bowl.
The 4 cup size is also available in the same design as the 2 cup size.  Your large and small dog (or cat) can have coordinating bowls!  It is available is these colors:
                           Mango Tango                Greyhound         Photos courtesy of ModaPet.
(On the product list, Tuxedo is listed in this section, but I don't have a photo of it.  I suspect it is a "coming soon" color.)
                         Sapphire          Photo courtesy of ModaPet.
If you prefer a stainless steel food or water surface, the 5 cup size has a stainless steel insert.

Beauty, quality, safety, and value; ModaPet has it all!
With so many beautiful colors to chose from, ModaPet is sure to have a bowl that will blend with your human's decor.   

Which is your favorite ModaPet Bowl?
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  1. These really are great looking bowls Pepper...I'd take the same sizes as you but in the blues of course being such a macho guy ;)

  2. Pep they is furry stylish bowls, momma would luvs to try them out. She will has to look into them. Pawsome review, luvs all the pics. I wants the "I like it hot" bowl. MOL


  3. Is that Sunflower color orange?!? If so, that is my favoritest bowl of the all!!! It would match my collar. BOL. Great review, Pepper!

  4. It would be True Blue or Sapphire fur us! Those are sure classier than our plain old doggie bowls!

  5. I have seen those and they look great! Enjoy!

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  7. OMD! Pepper these are so beautiful. I love the big bowl in Sapphire the best!

  8. You always have the best reviews, Pepper! Vlad & Barkly say they'd pick the Cinnamutt you have because it matches their collars.

  9. I like the true blue 4 cup size for my two large loveable furkids.

  10. True blue is my pick for my Bichon Pierre. Thanks for the info. The bowls are super cute.

  11. Wow those mod a pet bowls are really attractive and durable. That true blue looks fantastic like the color of mommy's car though we are girls.

  12. I like the 4 cup in True Blue.

  13. Thanks so much for the give-away! I would probably choose "Green With Envy"

    cgittleman at mi dot rr dot com

  14. The 2 cup size looks perfect for Fluffy!

  15. Wow those bowls look so nice! I almost wouldn't want to let Luna eat out of them; they are so pretty!

  16. Pretty chic. Probably Hot Pink, Violet or Black will go with our decor!

  17. I love these bowls! It's hard to choose just one that I like but I think my favorite is the True Blue four cup bowl. Thanks for the review and for the giveaway. mary987 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  18. Hi Pepper,

    I just love those bowls.. I like the four bowl cup in teal blue ? Thanks for showing..


  19. Hi Pepper,

    Mom would really like those bowls.. The four cup bowl in any color.. Thanks,


  20. I like the bowls, had no idea how durable it is. also didn't know about the rubber part of a put it in dishwasher once. she not doing that anymore. thanks

  21. I would love the Sunflower ModaPet Bowl! :)

  22. I would definitely like the Some Like It Hot Bowl!!!

  23. We'd pick the 'Mango Tango' (4 Cups) bowl-love the color! (Raine on RC buzzyngabe(at)