Friday, April 12, 2013

April is National Pets Are Wonderful Month!

Pawsome!  A whole month to celebrate how wonderful we are!
Let the spoiling and bragging begin! 
Spoiling = treats, right?   BOL!!
Until yesterday, I didn't know such a great month existed.  I discovered about April being our month when I was sniffing around the Nutro Knowledge Network.   It turns out that yesterday, April 11, was National Pet Day!    

We didn't even go to the park yesterday.  I feel cheated!   I have missed out on the past 5 years' National Pet Days!  Mom, I demand an explanation!  Are you trying to cheat me out of extra treats?  Extra trips to the park?  Extra games of fetch?   Extra tummy rubs?
Let's see if Mom can atone for her lapse with some bragging:
"Pepper is so wonderful, I don't know where to begin!  She is my life.  Everything I do centers around Pepper.  I have to smile every time I see her smile.  You can see the pure joy and happiness shine on her face.  There is something special about her.  I know we all say that about our pets, but I'm not the only one who says it about Pepper.  I guess you could call it charisma.  She is so smart & outgoing.  She has so much personality & love in her furry little body.  Even people who tell me that Poms are their least favorite breed have asked to hold her.   Granted, if the only time you've ever seen her is when she's barking like a fool at a pet event, you wouldn't notice the magical side of her.   You'd most likely see a typical spoiled, yappy small dog.  BOL!!   However, if you've seen her in other circumstances, you'd understand.   She makes me become a nicer person."
What do ya'll think?  Should I let Mom off the hook?  Or should I hold out for treats?   How do you plan to celebrate the rest of Pets Are Wonderful Month?

  To Celebrate Pets Are Wonderful Month, I'd like to see some special dogs find new homes.  Every human should experience the love and joy a furry friend can bring into their life.  One of my friends, Georgia Dachshund Races, recently asked for a little help spreading the word about 6 Pomeranians in Tennessee who need homes.   If you live in Georgia or NorthWest Florida, and can provide a loving home for one of them, transport can be arranged.   There are 3 male adults, 2 male puppies, and 1 female puppy.  To see the complete listing, please visit Where Pets Are Found.   






FEMALE – Socks, about 4 months old, pale orange sable color.
MALE - Jack, about 4 months old, orange sable color.
MALE – Tan, about 4 months, orange & cream color.

MALE – Brownie, less than 3 years old, 14 lbs, orange sable color.

MALE – Snow Ball, less than 3 years old, about 10 lbs, cream color.

MALE - Brother, 3 years old, almost fawn color, but closer to cream color.

To discuss re-homing any of these beautiful Pomeranians please call  770-934-2853

 Disclaimer: "This post was written by a Nutro Knowledge Network member and sponsored by the Nutro Company."


  1. Pepper I know your house is just like mine...Every day is Pet Day, 24/7/365 BOL! We rule our worlds and give back so much love & joy in return

  2. I didn't know yesterday was national pet day! Wow!

  3. HiYa Pepper! We celebrate Pet Day everyday in this household! :-D
    Purrs from Panky

  4. Pepper with mommy bragging on you so much I think you can let her off the hook besides I think you celebrate Pet Day in your home everyday like Panky.

  5. Awe! Maybe play the sympathy card for just one cookie, but otherwise I think you should let mom off the hook. I know exactly what you mean about looking naughty in public but being the best dog ever at home. Maya & Pierson act terrible in public but at home they are the most lovable and well-behaved dogs ever.

  6. Hi Pepper! Every day is Pet Day around here. I am a much-loved kitty. *purrs and headbonks from Lou*

  7. Oh Dog! April is also anti-cruelty month!

  8. Totally hold out for treats. You know how I feel about treats. :)

  9. BOL Pepper! Let mom off the hook. You know she would spoil you even if it wasn't a National Pet Day.
    *Cairn cuddles*

  10. Update: All 6 of the Tennessee Poms have found homes! Pawsome! High Paw!!