Monday, April 29, 2013

Licks - Pet Product Review

 Looking for a healthy way to encourage your dog to drink more?
Let me lick that problem for you!  (Pun intended - BOL!)
 Licks are yummy liquid supplement packets that you can add to water, pour over your food (like a gravy or sauce), or you can slurp them up plain (the way I did at Global Pet Expo 2013).   No water required!!  BOL!!  These chicken flavored packets are delicious!
Licks supplements are all natural, and are made in the USA.
They are available in 3 formulas:  Joint+Heart, Athlete, and Zen.
  • Joint+Heart is formulated to help support joint and heart health.
  • Athlete is formulated to support maximum energy and muscle recovery.
  •  Zen is formulated to help calm stressed or anxious dogs.
Licks supplements are designed to appeal to dogs with picky palates.  This delicious chicken liquid is a lot more enticing than a pill.   BOL!!  The liquid form also has a higher absorbancy rate than typical supplements in pill form.
This yummy liquid is a great way to encourage a dog to drink some water on a hot day.   Some dogs may turn up their noses at plain water, but most dogs will happily lap up some chicken juice.  I know Mom worries when I won't drink during outside events, such as dog festivals.  I get so distracted by my surroundings (lots and lots of strange dogs), that I am not interested in plain water.  Pour a Licks packet into my bowl of water, and you have my attention.   Slurp!
Mom bought this handy Licks travel cup from DoggyLoot last year.   It was part of a deal that included a box of Licks Joint+Heart.  The travel cup features a screw top lid that prevents leaks.  It is useful when I don't finish drinking all the liquid, and Mom wants to save the rest for later.  Mom likes to use it so she can keep the water in my regular bowl plain, yet still have some flavored water in case I don't want to drink the plain one. 
Licks supplements are packaged in boxes of single serve packets.   The individual packets are easy to slip into a pocket or purse.   They are very convenient when you are on the go a lot.
I love Licks!  Yummy!

Review Disclaimer: I did not receive any monetary compensation for this review. I was given a free product to review. The opinions in this review are my own and not influenced by any outsider . I receive no additional benefits for talking about the product or company.  (I had previously purchased 2 of the items, and I was given the other 2 items for this review.)


  1. There are doggies who won't drink their water??! This would be furrific fur them! Pawsonally, I drink so much and so fast that sometimes I urka the leftovfurs! BOL!!!

  2. OMD! I think it would be very tasty Pepper! I'm a bottom less when drinking water :)

  3. Pepper

    You did a fantastic blog about Licks Supplement a great idea to get dogs to drink I love the little dish you got with the screw on lid.

  4. My dogs would love those. Sure beats the heck out of drinking out of the toilet! JK, I would never let them do that. ;)