Saturday, May 25, 2013

BlogPaws 2013 - The Adventure Intensifies!

It's an invasion!  Flats, Plushies, & Furries!  Oh My!
Photo courtesy of  GloGirly.
On Thursday, I watched as the BlogPaws attendees poured in until the hotel was overflowing.   So many shoes and tushies to sniff!    I wasn't the only one who smuggled in a flat pal.
I think the flats & plushies outnumbered us furries.   I saw a lot of flat & plushy pawties! 
Thursday morning, Thursday evening, and Friday evening flat & plushy pawties.
 I wagged hello to pals I knew, and introduced myself to some new ones. 
Kona and I decided to join in the flat & plushy pawties too!
Flat Boris and Plush Scruffy arrived with a couple of extra plushy pals.    I took them up to my room for a little pawty before the sessions started.
Scruffy is wearing a vest from Spoiled Pup Boutique!  Do you see me on the flyer?
After the Thursday sessions ended, the exhibit area opened!   My wonderful pals at Spoiled Pup Boutique gave me a beautiful new dress!   (I'll show you a photo when I tell you about the Saturday evening pawty.  BOL!!)
Just4MyPet has a free ID tag offer, and a new customer discount code:  Welcome 10
The nice man at Just4MyPet gave me a set of personalized trading cards.   They have my picture on them!  They even make matching human and dog shirts.   Pawsome!!
PetMD University, Royal Canin, and Jones Natural Chews
Boris and I showed Pearl and Scruffy the booth for PetMD University, the place where we had been learning all about pet health.   Then Scruffy got hungry, and wanted to taste all the available samples.  He nibbled at Royal Canin, Jones Natural Chews, Hartz, PetSafe, and FreshPet.  (I had a little nibble or two myself, but I'm blaming Scruffy.  BOL!)
Mom enjoyed a furrific lunch on Friday with our pals from Hartz.  Two of our Dogster/Catster pals where there too!  After the lunch was finished, Mom gave me a little bite of her burger.  Yummy!   During the Hartz presentation, we were a little surprised to learn that not every pet gets to see their vet at least once a year.  We thought everyone saw their vet at least once a year for vaccines.   Sadly that isn't true.  Some owners don't believe in vaccines.  I know vaccines work.  I was accidentally exposed to Kennel Cough this year, and I did NOT get it.  I get the vaccine nose drops every 6 months.  They worked for me!
We visited our pals at PetSafe and learned about a program called "Bark For Your Park".   You can vote for your town to win a dog park!  Voting ends June 7, 2013.  Hurry up and Bark! (vote)
My OraStrip results
I had my mouth tested at OraStrip.  I have pretty teeth, but I have begun to get some germs below the gumline.   I'll have to check with my vet about that. 
Disco NoFurNo of Curlz and Swirlz grew some hair for the pawty.
I saw the coolest looking cat.   Those kitties from Curlz and Swirlz have real style!
I'm getting sleepy, but I want to visit my pals at Tagg.
@TinyPearlCat tours the Kitty Lounge.
Friday evening we had to show Pearl the Kitty Lounge before we went to sleep.
Pearl, Scruffy, and I are ready to go nite nite. 
Yes, I'll tell you the rest of my BlogPaws adventure in another post. 
I still have more photos to show you!  BOL!!


  1. OMD!!! There were sooooo many furends there, huh?! How exciting!! Just look at all those flat and plushie pawties?! Wows
    And, all that swag! Oh, you musta made out like a bandit!!! You, with that beautifuls face, probally gots tons of stuffs!!
    I can't wait to see all the other pics you took!

  2. Pawsome pictures Pepper! Mom was so happy to see you & your mom at BlogPaws! Thank you so very much fur my goodie bag, it was delicious! We're looking furward to seeing pictures, part 2!

  3. Great photos, Pepper! It looks like that flat kitty went EVFURRYWHERE!!

  4. Pepper

    Wow you are having such an awesome time meeting all your friends and making new ones and tasting all kinds of goodies and getting products. Are you and mommy buying the outfits made for human and dogs?

  5. Pepper, it's always a treat to spend time with you and your mom. :) I'm glad you go lots of noms!

  6. Looks like you had a super-pawsome time! Look at all that great stuff and all those wonderful pals. I hope we get a chance to go one year. :)

  7. Glad you had a pawsome time! I wanna be there one day. One day, my furrend, ONE DAY!! BOL!

  8. We loved meeting you Pepper and had a great time as well. Our founder was caught in a bit of a scandal...

  9. Love the pics and so glad you came to BlogPaws. Loved the Bachelor Party for my boy. TY so much! Hope to see you in Vegas. Don’t forget to share this post on the BlogPaws Linky List of all posts about BlogPaws (if you haven’t already)!

    1. Thank you for the reminder, I had forgotten the Linky List :O
      I registered for BlogPaws 2014! :)