Friday, May 3, 2013

Kyjen Shake Ables (Squeaky-Tug) - Pet Product Review

Do you love to play tug?  Do you love to play with squeaky toys?  
Do you want to do both at the same time?
Then you want a  Kyjen Plush Puppies Shake Ables toy!
Yes!  Kyjen has designed a toy that squeaks when you tug it!   There is a special bellows style latex squeaker inside that squeaks when you pull on it.  You've all seen latex squeaky toys, so you know how strong they are compared to a regular plastic squeaker.   This latex squeaker is inside a stretchable Plush Puppies stuffie toy.   Pawsome!
Shake Ables are fun to fetch, tug, and shake.  
They were inspired by the training aids used for hunting dogs.   Each Shake Ables toy is made of different texture fabrics, and has embroidered eyes.
Now you can play tug with something besides a rope.   BOL!!
(I meant without making your humans mad.   I know that socks are fun tug toys, but humans don't agree.)
Shake Ables are 18 inches long, and tougher than the average stuffie toy.  Like any plush toy, they are not indestructible.  They are not designed for aggressive chewers.  Supervision is always recommended with any toy.
Because Shake Ables are designed to survive tug, they are a little bit harder for small dogs to squeak.  Shake Ables are not made special for small dogs; they are designed for any size dog.   I just happen to be a small dog that likes both big and small dog toys.   
I don't think many small dogs will be able to squeak, squeak, squeak, enough to annoy their humans with this toy.  BOL!!    I suspect many humans will appreciate this extra quality.   I can make it squeak about once for every 5 bites.  
Now remember, I never said that a bigger dog wouldn't be able to squeak it a lot!  BOL!!  

 Shake Ables are available in 4 fun critters:
  • Purple Monkey
  • Blue Raccoon
  • Yellow Giraffe
  • Green Frog
I chose the blue raccoon Shake Ables toy.  
I am a Plush Puppy Princess!   BOL!!   The Shake Ables tag turns inside out to make a crown!   
(Of course you all know that I do not wear hats, and that the crown went flying across the room right after the photo was snapped.  BOL!!)
Baron was much more relaxed about wearing the Plush Puppy crown.  BOL!!

Are you a Plush Puppy?

Review Disclaimer: I did not receive any monetary compensation for this review. I was given a free product to review. The opinions in this review are my own and not influenced by any outsider . I receive no additional benefits for talking about the product or company.


  1. These look like fun toys sure look like you're having a good time with yours

    1. I think you would like one Gizmo! Tug is fun!

  2. Pepper that blue racoon is so adorable and I like that it turns inside out and makes a crown and you are then a princess. Thanks for an excellent blog.

  3. Kyjen dog toys are great! They are the kind of toys, though, that I have to supervise my dogs with or they will tear them apart.

  4. That looks like a lot of fun.

  5. We are always on the look out for good tug toys. Thanks, Pepper!