Sunday, June 9, 2013

Cool Pooch Bowls & Pooch Wobbler from Pet Buddies by Koller Craft - Pet Product Review & Giveaway

 Summer is officially here!   Dog!  It is hot!
I need to cool off! 

I am so happy my pals at Koller Craft sent some of their new Pet Buddies Cool Pooch products for me to try.   Mom is happy too because she knows a fluffy pup like me needs some extra help to stay cool.
I have a 32 ounce Cool Pooch bowl, a 12 ounce Chilly Bowl, an extra Cool Pooch re-freezable insert, and a Pooch Wobbler toy!  Pawsome!
Cool Pooch and Chilly Bowl are made of heavy duty plastic, and are dishwasher safe.  They can be used both inside and outside.   Now you can have cool water to drink outside, instead of water that is hot from sitting in the sunshine.
The 32 ounce Cool Pooch uses 2 re-freezable inserts to keep my water nice and cool.   The 12 ounce Chilly Bowl uses 1 insert.   Your human needs to put the insert in the freezer for at least 1 hour before putting it into the base of your Chilly Bowl.  Next, your human fills the light blue top bowl with cold water and places it on top of the insert. 

In this photo the room temperature insert is on the right, and the frozen insert is on the left.

The inserts are solid inside when they are frozen, and they are liquid gel inside when they need to be put in the freezer.  You can buy extra inserts to keep in the freezer.  Then you will always have one that is ready to use.  The frozen insert will keep your water cold for hours.  The Chilly Bowl water will stay cool a lot longer than a bowl of water with a few ice cubes will.   Think about how much longer the freezer pack in a human's lunch bag stays cold compared to a cup of ice water. 
Mom puts a frozen insert into my Chilly Bowl before we go for a walk.  The cool water is waiting for me when I come back.   It is more refreshing than room temperature water.    My water is still cool by the time I go to sleep.    This is inside.   I don't stay outside for hours and hours unless we are at an event.  I will certainly bring my Chilly Bowl to the next outside event I go to. 
There's one more thing to consider.   Seeing big floating things in my water scares me.   I won't drink out of a bowl with ice in it.   With Chilly Bowl, I can enjoy cool water without getting nervous about the floating things.  
I know I heard Mom say toy when she unpacked the box.... 
What is this blue thing?  Mom says it's a Pooch Wobbler toy.
Oh no!  It has my bully stick!  I want my bully stick!  Give it back!
  Got it!  Oh wait, I can use it to hold the bully stick up.   Okay, I like it now.   BOL!!
The Pooch Wobbler (aka bully stick holder) is a fun fetch toy.  It is made of TPR - a soft, durable material that floats.   The Pooch Wobbler gently cleans your teeth and massages your gums while you play with it.   The Pooch Wobbler is available in 2 sizes - large, and medium.   I have the medium size one.   It is dishwasher safe, and makes a furrific interactive toy that bounces!  
Do you want a Chilly Bowl & Pooch Wobbler for yourself?
Enter my giveaway for a chance to win one!   The winner may choose either the 32 ounce Cool Pooch bowl & large size Pooch Wobbler, or the 12 ounce Chilly Bowl & Medium size Pooch Wobbler.  
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  1. The 32 oz would be good for inside, but for traveling that 12 oz bowl would be perfect And the wobbler toy looks like fun

  2. Heather Hayes PanjonJune 9, 2013 at 6:04 PM

    I'd Choose The Cool Pooch, I'd Use It Inside And Outside, And The Pooch Wobbler Would Be The Perfect Bully Stick Holder!

  3. I'd get the the 12 ounce Chilly Bowl & Medium size Pooch Wobbler for my small dogs. This would be used for inside the home.And, No ,a toy has never treat-napped my girls' bully sticks. They wouldn't allow that.

  4. OMD! Those look great Pepper! I LOVES the bully stick holder!!! I might be a bigger doggie, butts I don't like holdin' my own bully stick! BOL And the Chilly water bowl looks like my kinds of stuffs! I do like my water 'chilled' BOL

    1. OMD, Pepper!!!!! An Airy follows you! We got to see and play w/ one in Arkansas when we were coming home from Wichita! He was from Florida!

  5. i would use the 32 oz when they are on the porch in the summer and use he 12 oz when we travel in the car. i always take bottled water w/ me even if it is just a short visit to the vet and when we go to dog events i take my own water, dont let them use the community water bowl; i dont give my dogs bully sticks, my oldest chipped 2 of her teeth on them, i read where if you could not make a dent in a treat w/ your fingernail, it was too hard for the dogs...i have little dogs and their teeth are not as strong as big dogs

  6. Pepper I know what you mean by having a cool refreshing drink after a walk and sounds great this cool bowl sounds wonderful.

    You did an excellent blog.

  7. These cool pooch items look pawsome! Ideal for summer especially the water bowl. Would love to have them!

  8. that is a clever idea - we is thinking a lot of peeps would probably forget to put the coolie thing in the freezer though - we know our mom would.

  9. The Chilly Bowl is such a great idea! I'm always putting ice in Luna's water to keep it cool, but this sounds like it would work much better!!

  10. Oh Pepper theses are super! Our water bowl always gets hot outside in the summer and sometimes even inside! I'm glad you got your Bully stick BOL!

  11. I need the 32 ounce Cool Pooch bowl & large size Pooch Wobbler for my big dogs.

  12. I would love the cool pooch for outside. My Boston Terrier love going outside all the time and this would be perfect for summer. Nothing has ever stolen the bully stick!

  13. Vlad & Barkly say they would definitely like having the smaller bowl for going places. We hate the way our water isn't cold, at all, from the bottle when we're running around & need a drink away from home.

    We can tell her every time we want a drink at home to come get us some ice, but the running around thing she does just because we need that "socialization practice" stuff can make us really thirsty & we want COLD!

    The smaller one would fit in our backpack of goodies that she carries and then she'd HAVE to give us cold when visiting the world!

    Barkly has problems with treats and his short Corgi legs all the time. He's making a note of this Wobbler Pepper has!

  14. Wow! this chilled pet bowl is great for Boston terriers who have a hard time regulating their body temperature! What a great idea on sunny Florida days!

  15. These bowls would be great for my pups. They'd be used indoors and out- Shiloh is especially picky about his water and would love this. he'd love the toy too- great idea to put a bully stick in it!

  16. Haha the wobbler looks cool! I'd like to chase that around in the water!

  17. My dogs don't like floating things in their water either :) The 32 ounce Cool Pooch would be great for my dogs. I would use it outside on the patio when I'm out doing work in the yard and the dogs are out with me. LOL No, a toy has never treat-napped their bully sticks.

  18. wonderful giveaway! my kitties and pup would love either bowl. they are so hot the poor things! i love your blog and am excited to be your 100th follower:) cute pup and I also enjoy your style of writing. my pup polo would love that toy!

    1. Thank you so much! 100 followers! High Paw!