Saturday, August 10, 2013

Oster Rapid Bath - Pet Product Review

 It's time to get clean!  
Oster has several products that can help humans take care of our fur.
I was given 4 products to test.  My favorite one is the Trim & Shape grooming shears with round safety tips.   I try to avoid being groomed by Mom, so naturally I squirm around when she has a grooming tool in her hands.  BOL!  The rounded safety tips on these shears prevent Mom from accidently poking me when she is cutting a mat out of my fur.   Mom says the shears are lightweight, not heavy like her sewing shears.   That means her hands won't get tired, or drop them.   Dropped scissors can be a scary thing, particularly if they are sharp!

The photo on the right shows Oster's rounded safety tips compared to the tips of the sharp scissors Mom used to use to cut my fur.   Mom is not a groomer.  When she uses scissors on me, she is usually cutting things out of my fur.  Things like mats, dingleberries (poop caught in butt fur), chewing gum I stepped in (one time), stickers/burs that are too entangled to pull out, etc.  I think rounded safety tips are a very good thing for her to use.  BOL!!

The Rapid Bath is a handy tool that attaches to a hose, or a shower if you buy the optional shower kit.   It can bathe and rinse a dog in 3 minutes!  Since most of us are not fond of bathtime - I say the shorter, the better!  BOL!   It was only about 2 minutes each for  Baron, and cousins Amanda & Bailey.   My thick Pom fur takes a bit more time and effort to work through.   I like that you can use any brand of shampoo in the Rapid Bath.  It is real easy for humans to use.  You open the rubber stopper to fill the shampoo chamber, then close it, attach to your hose, and bath your dog.   First you use the wash mode to shampoo the dog, then you flip the switch to rinse mode to rinse the shampoo off.   That's it, you're finished with bath time! 

Music in the video is "Louisiana" by Duke Ellington.  
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The blue brush used in the video is the Rush Brush from Oster.   It has large rubber cone shaped fingers to penetrate fur.  I think it makes a furrific scrub brush for bathing.   Pom fur is really thick, so it wouldn't be able to de-tangle my fur.   I like to be "brushed" with it because it feels like a massage, and it doesn't pull at my tangles.  BOL!!  During a bath, it helps the water and soap to penetrate my heavy coat.  
These are the rubber fingers of the Rush Brush.
I was also sent a ShedMonster shedding tool.  It is a sturdy, high quality tool with multiple curved blades.  It has rounded tips so it won't scrape your skin.   I think it would be pawfect for medium length double coats like the type of fur on Golden Retrievers, Huskies, and German Shepherds.  However, it isn't suitable for a full-coated Pom.  Most shedding tools will damage the long topcoat of my type of fur.  It would probably take a lot of fur off of me, but it wouldn't all be dead undercoat.  I am very concerned about whether or not a tool damages my fur.  Mom did test it on me, but stopped when she saw it cut some of my topcoat.   (It did not cause as much topcoat damage as a different popular shedding tool caused.)   If you use a shedding tool, this is one I would recommend for medium length coats. 

Do you enjoy bathtime, or do you squirm and try to escape?

Review Disclaimer: I did not receive any monetary compensation for this review. I was given a free product to review. The opinions in this review are my own and not influenced by any outsider . I receive no additional benefits for talking about the product or company.


  1. That Rapid Bath looks like it works well no matter what kind of fur moms are dealing with! Vlad & Barkly are going to look for one for the shower!

  2. OMD! I gots a bath this mornin' and I would have LOVED this!!! It's wet me down, then get the shampoo bottle, squeeze it out, then rub rub rub, THEN rinse...pffft! Even 10 minutes is WAY too long for me!!! This rapid wash thingie is just what the doggie ordered!!!!
    Thanks Pepper! (oh, and you didn't look too happy gettin' your bath either! BOL)
    Ruby ♥

  3. Mommy might put that on her Christmas list, Pepper! We'll need the shower style, since we don't have a yard or a hose, BOL!! We get most of our baths at the groomer. But mommy would love an at-home option sometimes!

  4. OMD! That looks so fun! Mommy does give us doggies bath's and this would really help. I like bat time and so does Pook's but Molly runs and Walker tries to hide BOL!

  5. OK I totally misread the title as Rapid Breath... lol... I was thinking "When did Oster start making dental stuff?" The rapid BATH looks very cool! I really do like those round tip scissors too.

  6. Yes I would need the shower type too as mommy baths me in the tub excellent blog but I have to admit seeing the word bath I was trying to get mom to avoid that area all toether.

  7. I love those rubber finger brushes! Maya & Pierson feel like they are getting a massage. The Rapid bath looks interesting. Maya & Pierson already have good de-shedding brushes, though. Maya and Pierson actually like bath time. Maya likes getting brushed too. Pierson tolerates brushing, but tries to walk away when I am brushing the long hair on his fluffy butt. Both Maya and Pierson hate getting their nails trimmed, but since we do it almost every week they tolerate it very well.

  8. The less squirming I do the faster it is over with! Love Dolly

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  10. I have a nice toothy brush like that Pepper and I love it feels like a good massage...Momz is looking at the Rapid Bath and this must be an updated version...all the ones she saw could only use special shampoo cartridges but you say you can fill yours with any shampoo...Is this a new model? I'd like to try it cause I like anything that makes baths take less time

  11. Oh, Pepper that is a super duper rapid bath. I always get a bath in the kitchen sink and I am always looking for a way to escape! BOL Great review, my girl!
    *Cairn cuddles*

  12. All of our dogs are really good at bath time. We're lucky with that. And there's nothing cuter than bath pictures!!

  13. Wow - that rapid bath thing looks really cool! Wow - your fur is SO thick Pepper!


  14. I have the one where you have to insert a cartridge into. I might have to get this one :)