Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Super Gravy - Pet Product Review & Giveaway

 Have you been looking for a healthy way to add some extra flavor to your food?
  Super Gravy  from  Clear Conscience  is pawfect for those days you want more flavor.
Super Gravy mix can be sprinkled on any type of food, or mixed with water to make a delicious gravy to pour over your meal.   There are only 20 calories per scoop, so even small dogs can enjoy this yummy gravy.
 This nutritious mixture contains the Chia seed!  Chia seeds are packed with Omega acids and antioxidants.   Actually, all of the ingredients are foods rich in nutrients.
Ingredients:  bison liver, organic beef liver, beef liver, organic beef heart, beef heart, cold milled chia seed, organic beef kidney, beef kidney, dried organic spinach, dried organic pumpkin, dried organic carrot, ascorbic acid (natural preservative and source of vitamin C).
Super Gravy is furrific for tempting picky eaters to eat their dinner.   It is wonderful for when a dog, cat, or ferret needs to switch to a boring prescription or diet food.   If you have an older dog or young puppy who has trouble crunching dry kibble, you can soak it in Super Gravy to make it softer & easier to chew.    If you have multiple animals, and all but one will eat the food, a scoop of Super Gravy can make mealtimes simpler than feeding multiple foods.

  I love the yummy Au Jus flavor!   Okay, I am young, healthy, my food is delicious, but I still enjoy the added flavor and health benefits I get from Super Gravy.   At only 20 calories a scoop, it makes a nice between meal snack for me too!  BOL!  Yes, Mom has rationed my calories.  I am less than thrilled with the stingy portions, at least I can have a bowl of Super Gravy to help fill my tummy.  
Now that I've tempted you with the yummy, beefy Super Gravy, I know you want some.  Good news!  One lucky Pepper's Paws reader can win a pack of Super Gravy from Clear Conscience Pets!
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Update:  Clear Conscience is offering readers of Pepper's Paws a one time use code for 20% off all treats and chews at   The code is good for any and all of Clear Conscience's treats and chews - excluding shipping.    Just enter the discount code:  AMANDA when you check out.

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  1. Mommy says a lot of time food is just an excuse to eat gravy! BOL!!! I want some!

  2. Gizmo has not been picky about his kibble since we switched to the grain free 3 years ago...But I can see where a product like this can be useful...My dog friend Annie is a very picky eater and when I dog sit I usually put some chicken breast on her food to try and get her to eat

    1. ps if i were to win your giveaway i'd be sharing giving the prize to miss annie

  3. OMD!! This sounds so yummy Pepper! Us doggies would love it :)

  4. Nope, I'm sure not! I eat a home cooked diet because of my allergies.

  5. Pepper what an excellent blog about Super Gravy and you and Baron look great sitting by the package. I hope I could eat it with my allergies but if not my sister Sabrina would love it.

  6. Nope! I'll eat just about anything I especially love fresh fruits

  7. I like almost anything including blueberries, bananas, carrots, and apples. My furbrother Kouga is not a big fan of carrots or bananas, but he likes apples and blueberries.

  8. I eat what I feel like eating, and I will not give in if my maid puts out something that I loved yesterday, but am just not in the mood for today. I also eat more than once a day, so she gets to play this guessing game with me more than once a day....every single day. Isn't that Great!!

  9. Squirt could be the poster child for picky eater. We have lots of different foods in the house for him. He had recently been eating frozen raw but became stopped up, so now he's back to a few different types of kibble and loves his Gracie's Gourmet from Three Dog Bakery or a few other soft foods too. Sometimes he eats off a plate, bowl, spoon, blanket, it's nuts, but whatever it takes!

  10. My Chihuahua is a picky eater. My other dogs are not, though.

  11. Our scooter (pomeranian) is a very picky eater, while Bear (border collie mix) will eat about anything.

  12. Awesome giveaway!

    Ruckus the Eskie

  13. I am not a picky eater. My little chihuahua is though.

  14. Sarah is a very picky eater. If I give her something that she doesn't want, she pushes her bowl away with her nose. She's a Pom too!