Sunday, October 6, 2013

Dirty Dogs Clean Up with WAHL - Pet Product Review & Contest

When I was at Global Pet Expo earlier this year, I learned a lot about fur care from the people at Wahl.
  They could see I had a lot of fur to take care of, so they sent me several of their furrific new products to try!   It's been a few months since I received my package.  I've been busy testing these products all summer.  
Recently, my human pal Nikki Moustaki asked me if I would help spread the word about a special contest Wahl is hosting.  I said yes of course!   I received a new package of Wahl goodies to promote the contest.
Clean dogs have a better chance of being adopted.  To help more dogs find loving homes, Wahl has partnered with PetFinder to bring you the Dirty Dogs Contest!
Wahl wants to help 10,000 shelter dogs get adopted in October.  They have donated 1000 bottles of their all natural pet shampoo to shelters across the country to help accomplish this goal.  High Paw Wahl!
Wahl wants you to get involved!  They want to see you at your dirtiest!    
Enter your dirtiest doggie photo in the Dirty Dogs Contest!  
You could win $5000 & grooming supplies for the rescue of your choice, plus a year's supply of Wahl grooming supplies for yourself!   Did I mention that you could also win a $100 gift card to go with all of your grooming products?  You can!   
There are also 2 second place prizes for the runners up!  The 2 runners up can win $1000 & grooming supplies for the rescue of their choice, and a Wahl grooming kit with a $50 gift card for themselves!  These prizes equal a lot of clean dogs!  
 Baron loves how soft his fur feels after a bath with Wahl's Oatmeal Shampoo.   This natural shampoo uses cleansers derived from coconut oil.  It will get you clean without stripping your skin's natural oils.  It has a light natural herbal scent.   We really like that it doesn't smell like perfume.   
 Wahl's shampoo is thin, so pour slowly.   If you squeeze the bottle, you will end up with more than you need.  BOL!  It lathers well, and rinses clean.   A clean rinse means that there isn't any itchy residue left on your skin.   Our family loves this shampoo.  It's natural, gentle, cleans great, rinses thoroughly, doesn't smell like perfume, and doesn't strip our skin's moisture layer.  Pawsome!
Baron's paws are white again!  BOL!
The Wahl Lithium Ion Clippers are their top of the line home clippers.   They are rechargeable, so you aren't tied down by a cord.   They can be used for 2 hours of clipping per charge, and they maintain a steady power the entire time.   So far, Mom has used them 3 times on me and 2 times on Baron, and they haven't needed recharging yet.   Mom's clipping sessions don't last long, maybe 5 minutes each.  Just enough to get the job done without too much struggling from Baron or myself.  BOL!
I always seem to need my tushie trimmed.  My tushie fur is very thick and long.  There is a lot of undercoat, and it tends to get clumpy, almost matted.  Mom says trimming my tushie fur is like cutting cotton balls.  BOL!   Baron needed some evening out from a home scissor trim after his surgery.  Baron had his throat  and leg shaved for the surgery, but his humans had to trim his moustaches.  One was left much longer than the other, so Mom fixed it for him.  

 Mom doesn't have any grooming training, so she pretty much just picked up the Wahl clippers and went at it.  BOL!!  So she really doesn't have the technique polished.    She is a total amateur.    Mom put the smallest guard on the clippers to be sure she wouldn't "burn" us.  The blades don't touch the skin when the guard is on, so they won't "burn" you.   Mom knows about clipper "burn" because it happened to Baron one time with a previous groomer.   Mom really likes the Wahl Lithium Ion Clippers.  They feel comfortable in her hands, she doesn't get us tangled in a cord (cordless), and they can cut through the thick fur on my tushie! 
Wahl's No-Rinse Waterless Shampoo has the same great qualities of their Oatmeal Shampoo.  It has a light natural scent, and gentle coconut oil cleansers.  Is is furrific for those times when you need to be cleaned, but don't have time for a full bath.   Since you don't need to rinse it, you don't need a blow dry afterwards!  BOL!   Your human just pumps it into their hands and massages it into your fur.   Mom says the application is like using styling mousse on humans.  After your human has it worked into your fur, they can use a brush or towel to wipe the dirt off.  That's it, bath finished!  No tub, sink, hose, or shower needed.  This is pawfect for when only my topcoat gets dirty.  Mom  doesn't need to work it all the way down to my skin.  She just makes sure to wet all the dirty fur with it, and wipes off the dirt with a towel.   On the go dogs like myself really appreciate how convenient Wahl's No-Rinse is.  We can bring a bottle of No-Rinse & a towel in the car to use for quick cleanings.  This is really handy if I get dirty at the first place we stop, and need to be clean for the second place we go. 
 Yes, this brush was orange in the first photo, but I've used it since then.  BOL!  I told you I was very furry!  This is Wahl's large pin & bristle brush.   I mostly use the pin side, then use the bristle side to smooth my fur afterwards.  Mom says the handle is very comfortable.   She doesn't get a hand cramp when she brushes me with it.  BOL!  I appreciate the rounded tips of the pins because they don't scratch.  
 Mom loves Wahl's scent free Odor Neutralizer.  She mostly uses it on me and the sofa, but you can use on almost anything.  It's natural, and safe for humans and pets.  It works great!  It gets rid of the smell, without any perfume cover up.   This is the pawfect solution to odor control for humans & pets that are sensitive to heavy perfumes.
 For the humans who like to add a fresh scent to their dogs, or for dogs with stronger body odor, Wahl makes Doggie Deodorant!  It has a nice minty smell that is much fresher than wet dog smell.  Mom likes this more than the dead worm I rolled on.   Humans just don't appreciate those "earthy" smells that attract us dogs.  BOL!

With such a variety of products, Wahl has whatever you need to get your dog(s) clean & fresh smelling after their outdoor adventures!
Wahl even has a website with grooming tips for those humans who need more detailed instructions.

Review Disclosure: I did not receive any monetary compensation for this review. I was given a free product to review. The opinions in this review are my own and not influenced by any outsider . I receive no additional benefits for talking about the product or company.


  1. You do have lots of fur, Pepper- the complete opposite of my Sookie, who is a hairless Chinese Crested LOL. You do seem like you are easier to groom than she is, though, as she freaks out the moment you put scissors near her to trim the hair on her head.

  2. We've tested and used a number of the Wahl products and have liked them all, especially the Waterless Shampoo

  3. Pepper, did you borrow my brush?! I would think you would have a pink brush, not an orange one. BOL I did not realize Wahl made so many great products. *high paw* A great review, Pepper.
    *Cairn cuddles*

  4. Great information as usual, Pepper! Mom lucked out. She had lessons on how to groom Vlad, and while she was at BRT grooming school, she was shown how to sculpt Barkly's britches & give him a "hygienic" trim. IF the clippers ever get hot on you, you might want to consider some of this cooling spray: Blade Ice is by Wahl too!

  5. My mommy won't let us get dirty enough fur a bath, because she only wants the groomer to do it! She wishes she had clippers sometimes, though!

  6. Wow Pepper excellent blog and I can't believe you were letting mommy trim by your butt.

  7. Pepper you are always so fluffy and we can see why! Your mommy is a smart lady. The products would come in very handy with all the furs at m house BOL!