Monday, October 21, 2013

Petco StarWars Pets - Halloween Product Review

 What in the world are you going to be for Halloween?
Baron and I decided to venture a bit further than Earth for our costumes.  
 We went to another galaxy with Petco's StarWars Pets collection!
Baron makes a wise Yoda, and I am dressed as the beautiful Princess Leia! 
Petco sent me these pawsome products to review.
Baron and I  both wear a size large in the Leia and Yoda t-shirts.  We both wear the size small headbands.    The StarWars Pets t-shirts are a great way to dress up for Halloween, and still have a shirt that you can wear when it isn't costume time.   They are pawfect to wear to sci-fi pawties!   I really like that they don't interfere with my ability to move naturally.
We like the StarWars products so much that we went to Petco and bought these items.
Unlike some heavily padded costumes, the StarWars Pets t-shirts are lightweight enough for me to wear without getting too hot.   I am so furry that it would need to be freezing for me to be comfortable wearing a quilted costume.  The StarWars Pets t-shirts are also thick enough to protect Baron on slightly chilly evenings when his fur is clipped short. 
I have a nice collection of Petco StarWars Pets products.
 The minute I saw it, I knew the Princess Leia t-shirt was pawfect for me!  It's pink, and Leia's a princess!   The Yoda t-shirt is furrific for little dogs who think  they are mightier than they look.   Mom laughs every time she reads it.  BOL!
I have my pink pumpkin filled with candy for the little humans who come trick or treating.    I don't want them to try to grab my Ewok or Chewbacca toys!
May the Force be with you, and guide you on your walks.  I can't bark about StarWars without mentioning the Force!  BOL!!   This 3/4 inch wide leash has a sturdy swivel spring clasp.   It also has a feature that I haven't seen before, a metal ring is attached to the base of the handle.  The ring is pawfect for attaching a poop bag dispenser, spare tags, and hanging the leash on a wall hook.  This way, the items attached to the leash on the ring, won't interfere with the comfort of the handle.  I have heard more than one human whine about how the poop bag dispenser gets in the way of their hand.  This simple feature solves that issue!  High Paw! 

I really love my Big Head Chewbacca toy!  I wanted him the first time I sniffed him at BarkWorld.   I tried to grab him & pull him into my stroller every time we passed by the Petco booth.  BOL!  When I received a Big Head Chewbacca toy, I named him Chewy.   I take him everywhere with me.   I grab my Chewy whenever I see Mom packing our bags.   I don't want him to get left behind.
No, this is my Chewy, you can't have him.    The Ewok is fun to fetch and squeak, I am just really obsessed with Chewy.  BOL!    I love my Chewy so much, that Mom bought a spare one in case something happens to this one.  BOL! 

Zoom over to Petco to get some StarWars Pets products for yourself - before they disappear!
Yes, they still have the Big Head Chewbacca toy available!
(I saw it available online the day I barked this post.)

If you are lucky enough to live near an Unleashed by Petco (I wish I did.), they have a special pink breast cancer hedgehog toy from Kyjen this month.  You KNOW I want one, but I can't find one.   There isn't an Unleashed by Petco in my entire state.  
During October, all of the proceeds from sales of the Kyjen Breast Cancer Pink Hedgehog toy are being donated to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.
Did you know that spaying a female dog before her first heat is said to reduce her risk of breast cancer by 80%?  I was spayed before my first heat for this exact reason. 

Review Disclosure: I did not receive any monetary compensation for this review. I was given a free product to review. The opinions in this review are my own and not influenced by any outsider . I receive no additional benefits for talking about the product or company.


  1. Isn't it funny that you and Baron wear a Large PetCo shirt? They fit me and Hershey, too! But I wonder what a Rottie like Walker would wear?! (I know, Walker doesn't wear clothes. I'm just sayin'...)
    We have an Unleashed pretty close by. Mommy was just there looking fur a pressie fur Hershey's Barkday. She wishes she had known you want that hedgehog!

    1. That is so cool that we wear the same size! High Paw! BOL!! I love all pink things that squeak! The Hedgehog is special since it also supports breast cancer awareness. Save the Ta-Tas! BOL!! I saw that on bumper sticker ;)

  2. Great review, Pepper! I love that Big Head Chewbacca...he is my favorite...though I do love me some Ewoks too. BOL You look perfect dressed up as Princess Leia. Poor Baron...he doesn't look to happy dressed as Yoda. BOL
    *high paws*

    1. BOL!! I thought you would like Chewbacca and Ewok too! Baron has never worn a headband before. I don't think he appreciated it. BOL!! He gets treats for being cute at his house. We have to earn treats at my house. To me - camera = treats!

  3. Great bunch of toys here! I really like the Yoda shirt.
    I know! I am sooooo glad I got Toby spayed before her first heat!! I wish everybody knew this!!

  4. I LOVE Star Wars! Such cute stuff!

  5. Oh, Pepper! You are ADORABLE in that Pink Princess shirt and hair braids! We wish we had an Unleashed Petco near us too! If we did, we'd get you your own pink Hedgie.

  6. OMD!! I love the Star Wars Toys!! I would need a XXXl shirt maybe? Now Ms Alex wears shirts but not me! That pink hedgehog is cut. We don't have an Unleashed here. Pepper hope you get one :)

  7. Pepper sweetie - you are adorable. I don't like wearing clothes, so I think I'll be a black and white cat! he he

  8. Pepper love you in your costume but no way would I encourage mom to get any costumes but the toys really look great sorry you won't share your Chewy with me. I too was spayed before my first heat but mommy wasn't aware of cutting back the risk of breast cancer in fact she did not know dogs get breast cancer.

    You did a great blog and the pictures are great.

  9. Pepper, you make a great princess Leia! I brought Yoda ears home from BarkWorld, and my dogs are moderately impressed with them. Princess Bonnie wears them to make me happy, but I suspect they would come off quickly if she had thumbs -- the treat jar has a screw-on lid. LOL!

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  11. Did not recognized you on the 1st photo. I Golden LOVE my Yoda ears. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  12. OMD!!! Oh Pepper, you are SO CUTE!!! And Baron...just ADORABLES!!
    I loves your big headed Chewey!!! I gots to put that on my 'list'!!!
    I do thinks you are just one FABulous Princess Leia!!
    Ruby ♥