Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A Dozen of This, a Dozen of That - Pepper's 2013 Holiday Gift Guide

On Friday, it will officially be that time of year - 
the holiday shopping season! 
Are you ready?  Do you need some ideas of what the pets on your list would enjoy?
Since I get to try so many different products, I decided to put together a list to help you choose gifts for pets.  I've divided the list into 4 sections:  Under the Tree - items over $60, usually humans give these things to their own pets, or to pets of close family members.  Stocking Stuffers - Items under $60, these would make pawsome presents for all of our furry pals.   The Cookie Plate:  treats and chews of course!   The last section is items for pets other than dogs.
Under the Tree
1.  Snoozer Luxury Lookout - Please see my previous review for details.
2.   Petmate See & Extend - Please see my previous review for details.
3.   PetSafe Cottageview Kennel - I am using mine now.  I will bark a review in the upcoming months.  I will tell you right now - It's sturdy, and easy to assemble.  It weighs 100 pounds, and each wall is 5 feet wide.  The mesh shade top is included as well. 
4.   Snoozer Scalloped Ramp - Please see my previous review for details.
5.  Kurgo Wander Hammock - This review will post in December, but here's a few early notes.  This handy hammock will protect your car seats from doggy dirt.  It straps onto the headrests in your car.  This prevents dogs from digging to bunch it up in a corner.  It has a zipper in the middle, in case a human would like to sit too. 
6.  BuddyRest Bed - Please see my previous review for details.
7.  PetSafe  Train n' Praise - I will review this in January, but let me bark a little about it now.  If your dog jumps on guests, teach him to lay on his bed instead.  Put the Train n' Praise treat dispenser next to your dog's bed, grab the remote, and your ready to train.  This remote control treat dispenser is also available with a potty training option.  If you have a new puppy, the potty training option is pawsome.   It has special pee pads that send a signal to release a treat when the pad gets wet.   
8.  Tagg Tracker - Please see my previous review for details.
9.   PetSafe Pagoda Fountain - Another future review, but I'll give you a sneak peek.  This attractive fountain provides fresh water to encourage pets to stay hydrated.
10.  Classic Paws Bed - Please see my previous review for details.
11.  WetNoz carrier - Please see my previous review for details.
12.   ChillSpot Bed - Please see my previous reviews (original and update) for details. 

Classic Canine Stocking from Planet Dog
Stocking Stuffers
1.  Live Love Meow - PurritoWrapper - A future review, but I'll show you a photo.  Pssst! - the soft & comfy Purrito Wrapper is urine, dirt, and vomit resistant.  This pawsome blanket is a generous 42 x 60 inches.  That is big enough to cover most car backseats.   When I had surgery, Mom covered my carseat with my Purrito Wrapper for the ride home.   She wanted me to have something soft to curl up on, and that any body fluids would wash out of.  
2.  Bowls:   ModaPet, WetNoz, Loving Pets, Chilly Bowl - Please see my previous reviews for details.  Review links:  ModaPet, WetNoz, Loving Pets, Chilly Bowl. 
3.   TooFerOne Leash - Please see my previous review for details.   
4.   Nip and Bones - Personalized Placemat, and much more.   Please see my previous review for details. 
5.  Petco Holiday - A December review, but I must yap a bit.  Petco has a wide variety of holiday products for pets, including some for Hanukkah.  I received a pretty reversible holiday bandana, a candy cane of peppermint scented poop bags, a cute reindeer squeaky toy that holds a soft blanket, and a toy made of squeaky kosher sausages.  I am really impressed with the variety of pawsome gift items available at Petco.  They have clothing, toys, treats, accessories and more. 
6.  Toys:  Planet Dog, iBalls, PetSafe Toys (future review), QPG - Hear Doggy & Go Doggy (future review),  JW - Crackle Heads, Hartz, Kyjen
Puzzle & Treat Toys:  Nina Ottosson - review, JW - treat tower (future review) & Rockin Treat Ball,  PetSafe - Busy Buddy Toys (future review), and Planet Dog.
7.  Live Love Meow - My Best Friend's Fork - A future review, but I'll give you a sneak peak.   This fork is pawfect for the pet who has everything!  It's specially designed to prevent accidental fork swallowing.  It's true, some pups really do suck down forks and spoons.  I saw an x-ray of one at the University of Tennessee.  The card with the fork shows an x-ray as well.
8.  Nite Ize - Please see my previous review for details. 
9.  Velvet collar & leash from 2 Hounds Designs - A December review, but I'll give you a peek.  2 Hounds Designs offers quality custom collars & leashes in a large variety of fabrics.  I chose luxurious velvet in holiday red & green. 
10.  Kumfy TailzPlease see my previous review for details.
11.  PoopBuddy subscription - Please see my previous review for more details.  I hear the December package will be really pawsome.  Each month is unique.  October included a flashlight poop bag dispenser!  I will show you November, to give you a hint.  But, I won't spoil the December surprises.  All dogs poop, so any dog owner should be thrilled to receive an attractive package from PoopBuddy!  The humans will appreciate the cute bags, and the dogs will love any treat samples or surprise gifts that are included.   Don't toss out that little blue paper, it's a chance to win even more. 
12.  Grooming tools and supplies - A few I've reviewed:  WAHL, Hartz, & Oster.
A Cookie Plate Full of Treats and Chews 
- Please see my reviews!

1.  Stella & Chewy's Treats
2.  Kong Treats
3.   Stewarts Treats
4.  Lincoln Bark
5.  Nudges
6.  Jones Natural Holiday Chews & Jones Natural Chews
7.   Greenies Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3
8.  Loving Pets
9.  PetSafe - Lickety Stik & Indigo
10.  Clear Conscience  - Treat review coming soon!
11.  Zukes
 12.  Cloud Star
Since this is the Cookie Plate, let's make this list a Baker's Dozen and add an extra one!
13.  Chewy.com - Merrick, Orijen, and more.

Not a Dog?  No Need To Worry, Here's More!
1.  Frolicat Toys - Please see my previous review for details.
2.  WetNoz Carrier - Please see my previous review for details. 
3.  Petmate See & Extend Carrier - Please see my previous review for details.
4.  Greenies for Cats - Please see my previous review for details.
5.  JW Cataction - Please see my previous review for details.
6.  Petco Holiday - Cats - Images provided by Petco.  Here is a sampling of the gifts Petco offers for cats, but they offer much more.


7.  PetSafe Lickety Stik for Cats - I haven't reviewed the cat Lickety Stiks.  I base this recommendation on my positive experiences with the dog Lickety Stiks.  I assume cats would love the cat ones just as much as I love the dog ones.
8.  Live Love Meow - Purrito Wrapper -  You can tell from the name that it was inspired by a cat, but this furrific blanket is great for any species. 
 9.  Hamsters & Gerbils - treats & toys.  To help keep your furry little pal trim & healthy:  skip the yogurt & sugar treats, and opt for fruits and seed treats instead.  I learned this excellent advice from my pal Emmy.
10.  PetSafe Pagoda Fountain - Cats need fresh water too.  This porcelain fountain will satisfy your kitty's craving for running water.
11.  Ferrets - Handmade clothes from the Enlightened Ferret.  I heard they also like treats & toys.   
12.  Guinea Pigs - Holiday outfits from Petco.  Images provided by Petco.  Petco also has a selection of treats and more for small animals.

I hope this list helps you find just the right gift for every fur on your list!

Disclosure:  I received - free of charge - all of the items I've reviewed in these products reviews.  My opinions are my own, and not influenced by any outsiders.  I do not write about products that do not meet my expectations.


  1. Wow Pepper, That was a long post with a lot of cool presents!!! Great job

  2. Wow, that's almost a summary of all your furrific blogs! We'd furgotten about some of those products! Thanks fur collecting them all in one place!

  3. Great dawg, Pepper! This could be my personal list to Santa Paws! BOL I think Ma is interested in that Kurgo Hammock thingy...for her car...for when we go on big trips. Super idea. You listed a LOT of great products and treats. *high paws* for a thorough shopping list!
    *Cairn cuddles*

    P.S. Those piggie outfits are adorable. Sure wish our friend still had her piggies so we could buy those for her!

    1. Thank you Oz! This was the first time I saw clothes for Guinea Pigs in a store! I think your Ma would love the Kurgo Wander Hammock. I will post the full review in December.

  4. Haha Wow, you look like one happy pup. Our PoopBuddy pups are jealous! :) Happy pre-Thanksgiving from the PoopBuddy Team.

    1. I am happy! BOL! Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. That's a great list, you've been busy this year! Love Dolly

  6. Got lots of stuffs Pepper. We are working on our list ... our guests are gone :-) Will send you email later too. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  7. Wow Pepper! Great list, we love reading your reviews! There's a couple of thing I'll be putting on my list fur Santa!

  8. Great list Pepper. So much hard work. Love your reviews - I'm going to suggest to Bullwrinlkles they send you some Treats and Chews to review for next year as rather delicious according to my furiends.

    1. Thank you! Bullwrinlkles sound furrific! I looked up their website, and I see they are made in Canada - with USA & Canadian ingredients. I would love to try some.

    2. Wonderful- sorry we accidentally posted again if you see another as Ange and I were both looking and loved. hugs TH

  9. I adore that pagoda fountain! :) Thanks for all the great suggestions!

  10. Wow - some great suggestions and reviews. Will make sure linked on my summary of great Christmas Gift lists. I'll mention to Bullwrinkles to send you some Treats to try too. Thanks! X Talent Hounds