Friday, November 8, 2013

Jones Natural Chews Holiday Treats - Pet Product Review & Giveaway

The Holiday shopping season has begun!
Look at these cute holiday treats I received from Jones Natural Chews!
Jones Natural Chews are all natural, and made in the USA!  Please see my previous Jones Natural Chews review for more information about this pawsome family company!
What do you mean I have to share.
These adorable Candy Cane Pizzles are a pawfect stocking stuffer for your nice dog, or even for a dog who is a little naughty.   They are a furrific decoration to add to your dog's wrapped presents.  Just tie them into the bow. 
Ingredients:  Beef Pizzle 
Note:  Always supervise your pets when they are unwrapping presents.  You want to make sure they don't swallow any ribbon, tape, or paper that isn't safe to eat. 
Yes, I did gnaw off his legs, and they were delicious!
I do love those Woofermen! 
Ingredients:  Beef
Jones Natural Chews Woofermen are a healthy, tasty treat!  
They are also very cute, like gingerbread men for dogs! BOL! 
Jones Natural Chews included a Dino Bone for my big dog cousins.
This Dino bone is huge!  I gave it a sniff, but I could see that it was too big for me to chew.
Ingredients:  Naturally baked beef arm bone
Mom carried the Dino Bone over to Lily and Blue's house.  All of the cousins wanted a taste, but Blue claimed the Dino bone.  Since she is the oldest, Blue is the Matriarch of their pack.
Mom watched thecousins chew on the Dino Bone for almost an hour.  She said it looked like it had a nice crumbly texture, and she didn't see any sharp points develop.
Lily really wanted to chew on the Dino bone.  Lily got lucky when the end cap popped off.   She was happy to chew the end cap while Blue chewed on the rest of bone.
Amanda and Baily wanted some, but they had to wait until the big dogs were finished.  They enjoyed the leftovers.  No crumb is ever left behind.  BOL!
Make your dog's Christmas a very Merry one with Jones Natural Chews.
Jones Natural Chews are available in many pet supply stores and in their online Treat Shop.
You can win a Jones Natural Chews Holiday Gift pack like mine!
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  1. WOW! A SUPER Bone from Jones. Glad you shared it with your cousins. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  2. Great dawg, Pepper...all those Jones treats look deeeeeeeee-licious! That bone for your cousins was HUGE! *high paws* for a terrieirific review!
    Have a GREAT weekend, my girl!

  3. Sushi actually got one of her presents early. She really wanted some Fou Fou Dog pajamas. Toby wants bully sticks and freeze-dried treats beef flavor. Some toys would be great too! :)

  4. Bully sticks and toys and balls and peanut butter and treats and balls and toys and treats and bully sticks and . . .

  5. Everything looks awesome Pepper! Your cousins look like they are really enjoying that HUGE bone! Lucky pups!

  6. Those treats look yummy! Anything I can eat is always the best gift fur me, BOL!!!!

  7. Yum! My crew loves a good treat/chew/bully stick!

  8. My dogs want bully sticks in their stockings

  9. My dogs want treats and toys in their stockings.

  10. My puppies want treats and toys.

  11. A fabulous new rawhide type bone or stick, Hufflepup's gone through his entire stash!

  12. Love the toy dog sized bully sticks!

  13. Toy Dog sized bully sticks are great!

  14. Toy dog sized bully sticks! Yum!

  15. My dogs hope to get some bully sticks and chicken jerky in their pawstocking this year :)

  16. My dog would love USA-made bully sticks!

  17. Miss Dot is hoping for a pair of doggles so she can snuffle through branches without getting eye injuries. And Taco is hoping for a really big Jolly Ball for the backyard.

  18. We love Jones Chews! I love even more that they have holiday treats so pets can get included in the holidays too!

  19. Shiloh's new favorite treat is Jones Natural Chews taffy... he'd love to see some of that in his stocking!