Thursday, November 21, 2013

Merrick Hungry Dog Value Pack of Chews - - Pet Product Review

The Hungry Dog chew value pack from Merrick is worth barking about!
My pals at sent a bag for me to try.
Merrick chews are all natural, healthy treats that are made in the USA.   You know I don't normally bark about the cost, but for this product I will make an exception.   The reason - one of the qualities of the Hungry Dog value pack is that it is a furrific bargain.
Look at the size of this bag!  It's about as big as me! BOL!   This is a great value.   At, this bag costs $8.99 - that is less than what I usually pay for 3 individually packaged bully stick curls ($3 to $8 each).   The chews may not be perfectly shaped, evenly sized, or evenly colored, but they are just as yummy as the individually wrapped chews.  Honestly, we dogs don't care about what the chew looks like.  What matters to us is how it smells and tastes!
Ingredients:  beef bone, beef tendon, beef ears, beef snouts, beef tails, pork snouts, and pork ears.   
The Hungry Dog value pack is a 2 pound assortment of these chews.  Your bag may, or may not contain all of these items.
My bag contained:  6 beef ears, 1 beef snout, 2 halves of a beef foot (hoof, bone, & skin), 11 pieces of beef tail, and 4 pork ears.   Notice - I did not list a pork snout.   Another bag may have pork snouts, but no beef ears.  You get the idea.  
It's like a pawsome chew grab bag! 
Even if there are a few chews that aren't suitable for your size, it is still cheaper than purchasing less than half the items individually.  Example:  Hooves are too hard for me to chew, but my cousins love them.  I will be gifting the feet to my cousins.  
A large dog could eat a small piece of beef tail in the blink of an eye, but it provides me with several minutes of happy munching.   Mom gave me one of the smallest tail pieces during the photo session.  She was able to take over a dozen photos before I finished eating it.   There's something for every size dog is this large variety pack.
Baron loves the beef snout.  It isn't a perfect rectangle like the individually wrapped beef snout, but it tastes and chews exactly the same.  The one in my bag looks like it got folded or curled during cooking, but I can tell it's a beef snout.
I think the puffy beef ear is my favorite, or maybe the beef tail is, or the beef snout, or .......  BOL!!!    This one ear lasted 2 days for me.   Baron and I still had half the snout a week later. 
The Merrick Hungry Dog value pack is the best way I've found to get quality chews at an affordable price.  

It is going on my shopping list.   It would also make a great gift for a multi-dog family (like my cousins).    It is easier than choosing a separate gift for each dog.  It is under $10, so it shouldn't go over the price limit of most Secret Santa gift exchanges. 

Which chew do you think would be your favorite?  How many dogs are in your family?  Are you participating in a Secret Santa exchange this year?

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  1. Oooh, Pepper...this Merrick bag of treats sounds delicious. And all those treats for under $10?!? What a value! You are right, it would be perfect for a multi-dog household!!!
    Great review!
    *Cairn cuddles*

  2. Merrick chews are awesome, and always a big hit here!

  3. This is going on our shopping list fur sure, Pepper! I'm not on any Secret Santy lists, but Winkie and I do like our chewies!

  4. Oh, I LOVES Merrick!! They are a FABulous company! I loves their beef taffy! Yummers!! Great quality,better than other companies fursure!
    I have never tried these befores!! They look so yummy they're makin' me drool!! BOL
    I am the only doggie in my house, so I gets ALL the chewies!! BOL
    I am doin' the gift exchange this year! It was so funs last year, I can't wait!
    Ruby ♥