Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Planet Dog Holiday Toys - Pet Product Review

Have you been a good dog or a naughty dog?  I've been a good dog so I could get on SantaPaws' nice list.
A good dog - on the nice list, can get lots of pawsome toys from Planet Dog in their stocking!
All of the Orbee Tuff toys from Planet Dog are made in the USA, non-toxic, bouncy, minty, floaty, and tuff!
All of those toys in the photo fit inside the Classic Canine Stocking from Planet Dog!  This stocking can hold enough goodies for even the nicest dogs on SantaPaws' list!   
The Classic Canine Stocking features a traditional red & green holiday plaid pattern.  The plaid fabric is a soft fleece, so is the red lining inside, and the cuff is a fluffy white fleece fabric.  The Classic Canine Stocking is a nice, high quality holiday stocking that can be used year after year.
I think the stocking is as big as I am!  BOL!
Remember: one reason why I love Planet Dog is because a percentage of Planet Dog's sales go to benefit service dogs.  They reached the million dollar donation mark this summer; now they are working toward the second million dollar donation mark.  The Planet Dog Foundation is pawsome!  High Paw!
Although they were originally designed for medium & large dogs, any size dog can play with the Squeaky Snowman Buddy & Squeaky Gingerbread Buddy stuffed toys.  I like to grab them by the arms to drag them around.   Of course, I love to hear them squeak!  These soft fleece buddies can also act as furrific pillows to snuggle with.
The Mint, Lil' Bulb, and Coal all smell nice and minty.  The Lil' Bulb and Coal both have a hole for treats.  I fell in love with my Lil' Bulb the minute Mom put treats inside of it!  BOL!!  The Orbee Tuff Bulb toy is available in 2 sizes, the original Bulb for medium and large size dogs, and new Lil' Bulb for small size dogs.   Both sizes of the Bulb are available in red, and green colors.   I chose the red Lil' Bulb.
I will get all of those treats!   The Lil' Bulb is a new shape of toy for me, and I just love how it wobbles when I roll it.  Mom thinks the Mint is very cute, but it doesn't have a treat hole.  The Mint is pawsome for dogs who love to chew on bouncy rubber toys, but I must confess - I ignored all of the other toys once I got my paws on the treat filled Lil' Bulb.  BOL!
Yes, I am a bit obsessed with the treat filled Lil' Bulb.  BOL!
I didn't even want to let it go for another photo.  I only allowed Mom to take it after I got all of the treats out.  BOL!   Mom said it was real easy to rinse all of my drool and fur off of the Lil' Bulb when I was finished playing.  (Yes, Mom needs to vacuum.  BOL!)
  Planet dog makes the Snowball for dogs on the nice list, dogs on the naughty list can get the Coal!   I am saving the Coal for cousins Bailey and Amanda.   BOL!   The last time I reviewed toys from Planet Dog, my cousins were naughty,
 and tried to steal my Glow For Good Ball.   This time they will have their own bouncy, floaty, minty Planet Dog ball with a treat hole!  Maybe now they will keep their paws off of mine.  I am not going to allow my cousins to even look at my Lil' Bulb!  BOL! 

Have you been naughty or nice this year?  Do you know what SantaPaws is going to put in your stocking?

Review Disclosure: I did not receive any monetary compensation for this review. I was given free products to review. The opinions in this review are my own and not influenced by any outsider . I receive no additional benefits for talking about the product or company.


  1. Pepper, holy holiday swag, sister!!! The snowman and gingerbread man are too cute...and if they squeak, even better. But that bulb....that is fantastic! I so want one now. BOL I have been a good dog and you know, I have been trying really hard to be better behaved when I am out and I hope Santa Paws finds me on his good list this year.
    *Cairn cuddles*

  2. I've been a furry good doggie! Mommy says I'm getting a new bed fur Christmas! I hope I get some squeakies, too, and I'm furry curious about that bulb!

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  4. Look at all that cool stuff Pepper! You are so cute! Love your photo with the cool little Christmas light! Also, no comment problems over here.

  5. PS - sometimes people don't realize their comments will show up after you approve them I've noticed with my own blog .

  6. Such great gift ideas! I think my babies are waiting for Santa Paws already. They've been so good and he always fills their stockings. =)

  7. I bet I could have all that torn up in 15 minutes! woo woo!

  8. We saw some of these toys at the store the other day, they do look a bit huge for you, but as you say, you can still play with them. How fun!

  9. Pepper you sure are enjoying the Lil' Bulb :) How cute! I think I'm going to pick up the Lil' Bulb and Coal toys for my pups! I like that they have a hole for treats too. We have the Planet Dog raspberry ball/toy and the dogs are crazy for it so I know they'll love these.

  10. Pepper, You are so darling. I love it how you put the one gingerbread man next to the other one. So cute!

  11. Pepper love the snowman that you are playing with and yes I noticed you love that little red bulb with the treat inside. I think it is great that Planet Dog donates to the service dogs. Great blog Pepper

  12. You look so cute playing with the bulb, Pepper. Looks like Christmas came early for you. :)

  13. We have a lot of these products, including the slow feeder in the background! BOL!

    We were wondering if you guys would like to join us for NaNoWriMo. We need just 6 more posters to complete the story, and we think you'd be pawsome at it! Please do consider it as we do not want the story to end early. Let us know!