Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Let's Spread the Word About Sealy Dog Bed's "Care For Dogs" Campaign!

Hi Pals, This time the Care For Dogs campaign is for a good friend of mine - Carma Poodale.  I have known Carma for several years.   She is a senior dog, and one of the three rescued dogs currently living with her mom.
Photo provided by Carma Poodale.
I was honored when Sealy Dog Bed asked me to host the campaign to help raise funds for Carma to get a new Sealy Dog Bed.
  Carma's mom says:  
Carma works hard at her job and she also goes with me to area schools to educate children on responsible ownership, how to take care of your pets, how to approach a strange dog and how service dogs can make a difference in peoples lives. We also visit with people who are in the hospital at request of their friends or family. Carma is a service dog and not a therapy dog but when someone calls and asks if we care to visit someone, we don't say no.
Photo provided by Carma Poodale.
Carma says:  
I am a 8 yr old standard poodle who is a medical alert Service Dog, a spokesdog for a no kill shelter in Owensboro, KY and was adopted from a pit bull rescue when I was 11 mths old and I was dyed pink.   Last year I survived surgery to remove dozens of sebaceous cysts, a few of which actually turned out to be pre-cancerous tumors.  I may have to have surgery again this year to remove some that have grown back.
Photo provided by Carma Poodale.
I am one of 3 furkids... I want to tell you about my fursiblings: Jenny Sue is  11 yrs old and she is a cocker spaniel who went blind at the age of 5. She still plays fetch, swims, loves to go for car rides and is the best dang snuggler in the world according to my pawents. 
Photo provided by Carma Poodale.
Scooby Doo is a 7yr old standard Chihuahua who used to be the neighborhood terrorist until his owner lost her house and asked us to care for him until she found a new place. Once she did, she was afraid that he would be killed since she lived on a busy main highway. She wanted to take him to live on her uncle's farm but the pawents asked if they could adopt him and his other owner agreed with great relief. 
Photo courtesy of Sealy Dog Bed.
I would love to have a new Sealy Dog Bed, so I can share it with my furbrother and sister sometimes!  :) 
To help Carma get a Sealy Dog Bed please visit this page
You can visit my blog at www.CarmaPoodale.com or Facebook page  www.Facebook.com/CarmaPoodaleblog and see stories about me but if you have something in particular you want to know please feel free to ask. I could talk about myself all day  ;)
Please visit Sealy Dog Bed Facebook page to find out more about happy tails on a Sealy Dog Bed https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sealy-Dog-Bed/601475136549660
Please follow Sealy Dog Bed on Instagram http://instagram.com/sealydogbed
For purchasing a Sealy Dog Bed please visit their web site at http://godogbeds.com/store/

Disclosure:  This post is to help raise funds for my friend, Carma Poodale, to get a Sealy Dog Bed.  


  1. That is an awesome idea. I sure hope she gets a bed.

  2. Our entire house is a dog resting area! Four 65-130lb pups make having decor and nice things impossible

  3. Yay! Carma got a Sealy Dog Bed!! Thank you to everyone who helped her get it.

  4. You guys are awesome. Peppe you are the hostess with the SEaly stamp of approval with the MOSTEST!!