Thursday, July 31, 2014

Sturdi Bag - Pet Product Review & #Giveaway

Check out my new carrier from Sturdi Products
My new carrier is a hot pink Sturdi Bag.   Sturdi Bag is available in
16 different colors, and 5 sizes.

 When your Sturdi Bag first arrives, there is some assembly required.  Don't worry, it is really easy to put it together. 
 First, your human inserts the 2 poles into the pole sleeves, making sure the tips are snug in the end pockets.
Next, your human inserts the base board into the bottom pocket and zips it closed.
 Last, your human inserts the fleece pad and  attaches the harness tether.   The Sturdi Bag has several useful features.   There is a zippered pocket on the backside where your human can put some treats, poop bags, or whatever you might need.   The back part above the zipper has a velcro flap than rolls down to expose a mesh window.  The top and front openings come with zipper security clips so that you can't squeeze a paw between the 2 zippers to unzip them. 
All of the mesh windows and openings have velcro roll down flaps so your human can adjust the airflow and privacy to suit your needs.   The Sturdi Bag has handles with a leather wrap hand grip, and a removable 4 point shoulder strap.  The shoulder strap is adjustable and has a pad so that your human can carry you comfortably.  
I didn't wait for mom to assemble it first. BOL!
 There is a size and color to fit pets up to 50 pounds (size extra large).  I have the large size.  It can hold up to 40 pounds, but it is mainly recommended for dogs & cats up to 25 pounds.   The weight depends on the shape of the pet.  Cousin Amanda and I fit in the same size carrier, but she is much heavier than I am.  Cousin Amanda is a heavy muscular dog (21 pounds), and I am a long fluffy dog (14 pounds).  I am about an inch longer than Cousin Amanda, but she weighs 7 pounds more than I do.  The size large measures 18x12x12 inches.
  The Sturdi Bag is great for travel.  It is lightweight and flexible.   The flexible top enables your human to smush it down to fit under the seat in an airplane.   The large Sturdi Bag only weighs 2.6 pounds.   It is made of durable 600 Denier Polyester, and has straps you can slip a seat belt through for car rides.   I am comfortable & cozy in my pink Sturdi Bag.
Giveaway Time!  One lucky Pepper's Paws reader can win a Sturdi Bag in their choice of color.  What color would you choose if you won?
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  1. I love the color options and the flexible height...the flexible height feature makes it super versatile for multiple pet households :-)

  2. Gee, I like all the features, but probably the seat belt straps the best.

  3. I like the velcro roll down flaps! I have a nervous pup who likes more privacy and one that likes to see everything. There are so many other great features as well :)

  4. Oh, that is PAWSOME Pepper!!! That looks comfy fursure! I'm gonna pass on this FABulous contest, cause I don't thinks they make one big enough for me...BOL!
    Good luck everyone, this looks like a good one!
    Ruby ♥

  5. I like the colors and all the different sizes that are available.

  6. I love that it's light-weight, which makes it perfect for traveling with our pup!

  7. I think my favorite feature is the flexible height. Someone is extra leggy!

  8. I like lightweight. After years of carrying around heavy plastic carriers I've come to love the portability of carriers like the SturdiBag.

  9. I love the attractive bright colors!

  10. Sturdi Products are so functional and high quality, the last forever and I love the bright colors

  11. Oh Pepper, you sure do love getting in those travel bags! I love how Sturdi makes the perfect color pink for you! Enjoy!

  12. I don't have a travel bag never knowing if Stitch would be comfy in one. This tells me Stitch would be comfy in it seeing Pepper liking it. Thanks Pepper & Mom for a great review :)

  13. You look pawsome in the pink carrier, Pepper. I bet I would look pretty good in one of those carrier too.

  14. I love the zipper security clips! Can never be too safe!

  15. I like the color options (would choose bordeaux) and the seat belt straps.

  16. I love that it is light weight.

  17. I love that it has all kinds of security features!