Friday, February 6, 2015

3rd Blogifursary - Pet Product Review & #Giveaway

Pepper's Paws is 3 years old!  Let's celebrate & have a giveaway!
 Since we are celebrating 3 years, I will bark about 3 products and have a giveaway with 3 prizes.
I am wearing my new RUHA collar in this photo.
I have a new personalized leather collar from RUHA.  This high quality leather collar is personalized using permanent laser engraving.  I think it looks pawsome!  It won't rub off like paint does.   RUHA leather collars are made in the USA using vegetable tanned cowhide with nickel plated metal buckles & hardware.  RUHA lets you choose the size, color, and design.  There are 4 width sizes, 3 colors (red, tan, & white), and 5 designs.   I chose a  red collar with the Art Deco design.   The collars are available in a large selection of lengths, so there should be one that will fit you pawfectly.   Mine is 14 inches long, and a size small = 1/2 inch wide.   I could have ordered a 14 inch long medium one if I had wanted a 3/4 inch wide collar.  The small is available in lengths from 8 to 14 inches, the medium is available in lengths from 13 to 20 inches.  For my pals with larger necks, RUHA has size large = 1 inch wide, 18 to 23 inches long, and x-large = 1 1/2 inches wide, 22 to 27 inches long.
You can see my RUHA collar in the above photos.  There is space for your phone number too, so no ID tags are necessary.  (Mom blacked out our phone number in the photo for privacy.) 

 Quickies from Honest Kitchen are my new favorite training treats!  I love fish treats, and Quickies are made from wild caught Icelandic Haddock.   Ingredients:  dehydrated Haddock.  Quickies are not crumbly like many dehydrated treats, instead they hold their shape & stay in one piece.  Quickies are packaged in a convenient pocket sized tube so your human can easily bring them on walks or training sessions.  These delicious heart shaped treats are only 1.1 calories per treat.  Quickies are the pawfect size for training treats & are pawsitively yummy!  Quickies are labeled as dog treats, but they are the same as the Smittens kitty treats, just a different package.  That means my kitty pals can also enter to win the Honest Kitchen Quickies prize.
Yummy!  Mom, I want more Quickies!

 Every human knows that when you have pets or children, you will eventually have a mess to clean up.  PetKeeper Secrets is a 100% mineral based odor & stain remover that is safe to use in houses with dogs, cats, & humans.   It can also be used as an air freshener, which is pawsome if you have pee pads or litter boxes.  I imagine it would also work on smelly dog beds.  My bed doesn't smell because I'm a princess.   BOL!  Mom is very happy that PetKeeper Secrets is hypoallergenic & odor free so that it won't trigger her allergies.  The PetKeeper Secrets bottle is shipped without water.  When your PetKeeper Secrets arrives, just pour a pack of the PetKeeper Secrets minerals into the bottle, add water, shake, and clean.   It worked great on my carpet vomit spots.   It also cleaned a dingleberry (poop) smear off the sofa cushion!  Hey, when you have a super fluffy tushie, sometimes those things happen.   Mom is very happy that she had PetKeeper Secrets on hand when it did!
                         Vomit stain.                             PetKeeper Secrets sprayed on the stain.      Clean carpet after blotting with paper towel.    
Get your paws ready, it's giveaway time!
Giveaway prizes:
RUHA collar
2 tubes of Honest Kitchen Quickies
PetKeeper Secrets bottle with 2 refills & travel bottle
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Review Disclosure: I did not receive any monetary compensation for this review. I was given a free product to review. The opinions in this review are my own and not influenced by any outsider.

Giveaway Disclosure: I did not receive any compensation for this giveaway.  The companies will ship the prizes directly to the winners of the giveaway. I am not responsible for lost/missing prizes. The opinions in this giveaway are my own and not influenced by any outsider.  I only ship to USA addresses and you must be 18 to enter.   A comment on this blog post is required.  Entrants without a comment will be disqualified.


  1. I would love to win the leather collar for my golden! I love the personalization and style!

  2. Quickies because they are made from wild caught and they would be good training treats :)
    thank you for the giveaway!!

  3. Congrats on your blogaversary, we hope you have many more! We'd love to win the collar!

  4. I know the pups would like the Honest Kitchen the best (they LOVE the food mix and Smooches but haven't had the Quickies) but mom would like the PetKeeper Secrets the best (love that it is human/dog/cat safe!). Thanks for the giveaway and Happy Blogifursary!

  5. I'd love any of the prizes, but would especially like to win the PetKeeper Secrets bottle with 2 refills & travel bottle

  6. I would like to have the Honest Kitchen Quickies for my niece's pup, now in training!

    skkorman AT bellsouth DOT net

  7. Congratulations on your third blogiversary! Cheers to many more!

  8. Congrats!!! I would love to have the leather collar. Lately, though, I sure could have used the PetKeeper Secrets....I will spare you the lovely details.

  9. I think the collar but I'd be happy with any of them.

  10. We LOVE Quickies. They are some of our go to training treats. A bit smelly, but Luna loves them.

  11. Congratulations!! I am entering for the PetKeeper Secrets to help with the pet accidents in the house. I love that it's safe for pets and 100% mineral based.

  12. I like the collar! It looks sturdy and stylish.

  13. Congrats happy blogversary wooo hoo. It is pawsome. Wuv da pix and u.

  14. I would love any of the prizes but I want to win the PetKeeper Secrets bottle with 2 refills & travel bottle

  15. thank you
    I sent you an email tell me if you got it :)