Monday, June 8, 2015

TTPM Celebrates Pet Appreciation Week - #Sponsored

Some of you may have noticed I took the month of May off from posting.  Mom has had some human issues that have interfered with my blog.  Don't worry, Mom is fine and we are back now.  During my break, I realized that no matter how hard I try, I cannot possibly review every pet product I see.
Naturally, I was relieved when I received an email about a new website that could help me. 
The timing was pawfect, so I happily agreed to woof about TTPM - Toys, Tots, Pets, & More (recently launched by the PET channel).  TTPM is a one stop website for reviews, price comparisons, one click shopping, and availability at major retailers.  

Screen shot of my visit to the TTPM pet product page.

 TTPM reviews are mostly video reviews so you can see the product in use.  My biggest whine is that humans do the talking - BOL! 

Screen shot of a TTPM review I visited. 

TTPM is a great website if your human is looking for a present to get you for Pet Appreciation Week.  Now that I know your humans have another place where they can check out some fun pet toys, I won't worry when my human can't type for me.

TTPM is also on:

I still have dozens of products to pawsonally review for all of you, but like I mentioned earlier, I can't test every pet product on the market.  I even a woofed a few kitty pals into helping me test products this year.  TTPM helps me share information about more products - many of which are not on my testing list. Plus, TTPM makes the shopping part really easy.  Y'all know this Pommie princess loves to shop!

Disclosure:   Pepper's Paws is being compensated for sharing this information.  Pepper's Paws only shares information we believe is relevant to our audience.  My opinions are my own and not influenced by others.  Pepper's Paws is proud to be a TTPM Pet Paw-tner.


  1. That looks like it would help you immensely in your reviews. This is a website that ma would check out to see what she wants to buy me for Christmas. Glad you're back to blogging. I was starting to worry about you.

    1. Hi Carma,
      Thank you. Mom is still taking a break it seems, but she keeps telling me she will type for me eventually. I guess she is a little burnt out and needs to be in the human world more. LOL!

  2. Hi Pepper
    I woulduke to follow your blog but I do not have face book.
    Could you help a fellow pony mommy out?

    1. Facebook is not needed to follow me. You can follow my blog on G+, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest by using the pink pawprints on the right side of the screen in the social media box. You can also follow by email.
      Paw waves,

  3. Hey Pepper! How are you and your mom? We've been worried about you and wonder how you are doing. Thinking of you as Global Pet Expo is only a month away. Mom will be there but not me. Hope you are okay. Love Dolly