Friday, March 10, 2017

I'm 9 years Old Today!

My pals at Little L's have sent me a special club box this month because it's my barkday. 
Let's see what's inside.

 Lot's of yummy goodies!  Cluck - cluck Krak'ems!  My favorite treat!  Lots of Krak'ems!

 I want the plastic off so I can eat them!  BOL!

 Oh Boy!  A Pressie for me to open!

 It's a painting kit for me!  Fun!

Thank you Lilly and Lulu for the pawsome club barkday box!

Disclosure:  Mom purchased a club membership for me to receive a box each month from Little L's.


  1. Happy Barkday Pepper!! :) We love Krak'ems too! Enjoy your goodies and have a super pawsome birthday!

    1. Thank you Shelley! They are delicious!
      Paw waves,

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you :) We are trying to blog more, but regular life/medical issues keep interfering. I know we plan to eventually blog about my medical issues that cropped up in October and January.

  3. Happy Birthday Pepper! Hope you are your mom are doing well, miss you! Love Dolly

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