PR Friendly

Pepper's Paws is PR Friendly 

I have decided to take a break from doing reviews.  Instead I will be happy to test products and answer audience questions about products I have used/tested.  I am happy to test products and services, I love to try new things and tell my pals all about them.  

If you have a product you would like to send for testing, please send an email to:


Note:  Products sent for testing/review will not be returned.  

Disclaimer:   For my health and safety, I will not eat anything made in China.   I will not eat products that contain BHA/BHT.  I  will not eat any form of rawhide or bones.  I also limit pork ingredients.  

I check with my veterinarian before taking any supplements, homeopathic remedies, or using pest deterrents.  

Mom is highly sensitive to lavender, so I will not use anything containing lavender.  


My size chart:

Collar:     13 - 14 inches
Girth:       18 - 21 inches
Length:    15 - 16 inches 
I list a range because my size fluctuates a little when my coat blows/grows in, and when I gain/lose a pound.   I typically weigh 13 - 14 pounds, but have been as low as 12.5 and as high as 14.5 pounds.  

For beds I usually use a size medium, or about the size a 20 pound dog would use.  A bed that is 30 inches long is my favorite size to stretch out on, but I can happily curl up in a 24 inch bed.
For soft carriers I usually need a large (the up to 20 pounds size).   I need the carrier to be at least 18 inches long.   

I prefer a 6 foot leash with a strong clasp.  You'd be surprised by how hard I can pull.

I like x-small, small, and medium size bowls.