Friday, June 29, 2012

BlogPaws 2012 - Day 2

photo by Emmy

Are you SURE it's morning?  Do I have to wake up?  Did you say "walk"?  "Breakfast"?  Ok, I'll come out from under the bed.

At breakfast there was a flat pet flash mob.  Mom enjoyed it, but the sudden noise startled me, so we went for a walk immediately after the flash mob finished.   Next, we went look at lots of fun stuff in the exhibit hall.  We met some more of our Twitter pals in person too!
Do you see me on Lisa's shirt?

(Photo taken at home after BlogPaws)

We stopped by the Hartz booth and we received a bag of fun stuff to try out and a toy for me!
OMD!!  It's the Hookalopes from the Shibbering Cheetos!

The Doodie Packs  look really neat!   

Time for lunch, featuring the famous BlogPaws cheesecake!

OO!OO!!  I have a funny to tell!  So we sit down for the nice fancy cheesecake lunch, where they serve the food instead of buffet style.  The waiter comes by and gives everyone a large salad, Mom says "No thanks".  He asks if she is sure and she says "Yes, I don't eat salad".   Mom is waiting for the lunch to be served once everyone eats their salads.  All of a sudden pals are leaving.  Mom asks why is everyone leaving before the food is served.  They told her the SALAD was LUNCH!  BOL!!!!  Mom never thought of a salad as a meal.  BOL!!!   I started to pull her to the door, so she grabbed a bite of cheesecake and allowed me to lead her outside.  BOL!!!  (This was our first BlogPaws, so we didn't know there was a salad meal.)  

We went for a walk and visited with some pals.   We went to a class, then looked at more exhibits! 

We went to another class and in the class we saw a pawsome pink stroller with lots of sparkles on it!
Coco of Curlz and Swirlz  in her "Pink Catillac"
Inside the Catillac was a pawsome kitty, wearing a dress!  Mom petted her and said her fur was very soft.   Of course, since I'm a dog, I insisted on a walk in the courtyard after every class.  BOL!!
I was getting hungry, so we went to the room to feed me my supper.  I wanted to rest in the room a bit, so we missed some of the evening activities, but did manage to peek in the Catification Lounge and grab a slice of pizza!  BOL!!  OMD!!  A dog in the cat lounge!!   Mom was allowed to pet Pumpkin

My friend Edna snapped this photo of me
Mom was still hungry, so we went with several friends to the hotel bar for a bite to eat.  Well, the humans ate, I ate my Nutro food in the hotel room earlier.  BOL!!
  The humans talked and ate and had fun while I napped on the seat next to Mom.  (I was allowed in the bar because I'm a service dog).   Mom really enjoyed the impromptu party.  We had a nice nighttime walk in the courtyard before bedtime.

I can't believe I didn't mention I had the privilege of watching Tillman skateboard in my Day 1 post!!   My memory must be a bit jumbled, there was so much to see and do!  It was a great show, you can tell he LOVES to skateboard!


  1. Hi, It's Coco with the Pink Catillac! We had the pleasure of meeting you and your mom, andI kinda wished I had a cool Pup Pouch like you. And I never got to go outside and sniff the grass! No fair! Teri laffed at your mom's salad story!

    We are trying to decide if we should go to Barkworld, but if we don't, we sure hope we see you at BlogPaws 2013!

    1. Hi Coco! It was great to meet you! I'll be at both BarkWorld 2012 and BlogPaws 2013. We should be able to see each other at one or both of them! Thank you. The pouch has a clip that hooks to a harness, so if you wear a harness, you could possibly use a pup pouch! Depends on how wiggly you are I guess. BOL!!

  2. Thanks for linking to my blog! Now, where's my picture? Just teasing, my furriend. MOL

    1. Hi Pumpkin! I am very sorry, Mom did not take as many pictures as I wanted. I didn't have a photo of you on my camera. *embarrassed ears* I will tell Mom she has to take more pictures next time! (I think she was worried I might bark in the Catification lounge. BOL!)