Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Feline Greenies SmartBites - Product Review and Giveaway

Okay, I know you're wondering.............What is a dog doing with kitty Greenies??   How can a dog review a kitty treat??   BOL!!   Well..........This wonderful green box of kitty Greenies arrived, I thought they were for me.
Huh?!  They aren't for me?  What do you mean not for dogs?  For cats!?!
Mom said they were not dog Greenies, they were for cats.
But MOM!!!!  They came to MY house in MY mail!!
 I want THIS one!!  C'mon!!  Lemme eat this one!  Pawlease!!
 I tried to convince Mom to let me eat them anyway, but she said dogs shouldn't eat kitty treats.
Seroiusly?  I can't eat these?   Not even if I purr??   You're going to take them away and give them to a cat!?!
So...........I decided to put my kitty Greenies SmartBites to good use by bribing my boss at NipClub!   BOL!   I want a key to the cheese cave, you know I LOVE cheese!   Since I'm not allowed to eat these kitty Greenies, I think cheese is an appropriate reward for giving them away.  I bribed King Tutti Fruiti with a bag of the New Greenies SmartBites!  Isn't that smart of me?  Buah - ha-ha-ha-ha!  I sent King Tutti Fruiti a bag of salmon flavored skin and fur Greenies SmartBites.
My bribe for King Tutti Fruiti.
King Tutti Fruiti will be the first cat on his block to try the new Greenies SmartBites, plus he will have the handsomest coat of fur in town!   I will have my own key to the NipClub cheese cave!  All the cheese I could want!  Yum!!  BOL!!

 "I was quite pleased when my barktender @pepperpom attempted recently to bribe me with treats. She mailed a package of Greenies Smart Bite Treats Salmon flavor to make my fur look more ravishing."

"I was not pleased to have to pose for a picture of the package, I just wanted mums to hurry and rip it open."

I meowed and meowed till the treats were finally mine and made them quickly disappear.

  I also shared them with all my sisfurs and they all enjoyed them. 

Mums was able to capture just a few more pictures because they were so delicious they were quickly gobbled up. I do believe the fish oil in the fur treats helped my dandruff. Most importantly Greenies is a brand my mums trusts and we found the treats delicious.

Thanks Pepper for the bribe, it was fun.  Our cat house gave Greenies Smart Bites 24 paws up!! MOL

Feline Greenies SmartBites come in 5 yummy healthy varieties
  • Chicken Hairball Control
  •         Chicken Skin & Fur
  •      Tuna Hairball Control
  •          Salmon Skin & Fur
  •    Salmon Digestive Care
Hairball Control contains FIBERBLEND to minimize hairball formation
Healthy Skin and Fur contains fish oil (omega 3) to help maintain soft, shiny fur
Digestive Care contains coconut meal to support healthy digestion

All Greenies SmartBites have a crunchy outer shell and creamy filling.

Two lucky kitty readers will each win two packs of the new Feline Greenies SmartBites!

Prize 1 - Tuna Hairball Control + Chicken Skin & Fur

prize 2 - Chicken Hairball Control + Salmon Digestive Care

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer   "This post was written by a Nutro Knowledge Network Member, and sponsored by the Nutro Company."


  1. Hi Pepper! I would love to win the Greenies. That would be cool and good for me and my cats!

  2. Those are totally DELISH! I finished all mine and would like more! Please?????

  3. Thank you very much Pepper for thinking of my cat house and including us in your pawsome blog! XO

    Georgia & Tutti

  4. Greenies are our favorite treat and wonderful for our teeth. So cool you got such a huge gift in the mail. Too bad you couldn't enjoy it more.

  5. I wonder what my kitties would think of them? They love treats.

  6. Hi Pepper,

    Sorry to hear the goodies in the mail weren't for you buddy, I always think everything that arrives is for me these days, well usually it is!! Tee Hee

    Hope you're having a fun day :)

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  7. Hey pepper,
    I have entered the Giveaway! I am Honey the Chihuahua's cat sister!

  8. Hi Pepper,

    Yes, I would luv greenies, since I couldn't get your blankie..

  9. Hi Pepper,

    Yes I would luv those greenies.. The babies & I would be very happy kitties!

  10. Hai Peppa I tryin' again-I fink dem chicken hairball greenies sounds nommy. Sorry yoo didn't get to try any! I steals treats from cousin dog all da time MOL
    *pawhugs* @gromekcat

  11. Greenies! I love the new Greenies. It's the first hairball control treat I've willingly eaten.

    1. I tried to do the dogster thing, but couldn't figure out how to find and add furriends when I got there. Sorry. You'll have to delete that entry for me.

    2. I went to Catster and sent you a request :)

  12. We LOVE Greenies here. They are my favorite treat! I'd love to win a package or two. Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrs.

  13. Hi Pepper,

    I'M BACK!!!!!!!! MOL!!!

  14. Hi Pepper,
    I just heard about this contest..please enter my name.

    I love greenies & always love new flavors

    I think they bought are great I'll enter for the tuna & chicken one (but I'm not finicky either one will be fantastic)

    Thanks & Hugs Spooky Shorty

  15. In my haste I spelled BOTH as BOUGHT MOL forgive me I'm waiting my turn at the vets now -
    Hugs Spooky

  16. I think that the hairball one would be the best for my cats.