Saturday, October 20, 2012

Nutro Has a New Look!

Photo courtesy of Nutro Knowledge Network
If you have been shopping for Nutro Natural Choice during the past couple of months, you may have noticed that Nutro has changed its packaging.  The new packaging features an updated design and is certified by Sustainable Forestry Initiative.

 Not only has Nutro revamped their packaging, they have also improved their already pawsome formulas!   The New Nutro Natural Choice dog food is scientifically formulated and combines natural ingredients with a focus on nutrition.  I hear they taste even yummier because Nutro increased the amount of real meat and whole grains.   
 "The new formulations also have at least three times the fiber from whole grains," said Dr. Preston Buff (Chief Natural Nutrition Officer for The Nutro Company). "In general, whole grains are less processed, as they are not broken down into their components like bran, starch and gluten."
I just happen to have a bag of the original formula Small Breed Adult, so naturally Mom had to compare the ingredients to the new one.  BOL!!  I got a list of the new formula's ingredients from the Nutro website.   I am happy to say Chicken is the first ingredient on both lists.  
The most obvious difference to Mom involves the grains.  
The new formula has Whole Brown Rice, Brewer's Rice, and Whole Grain Oatmeal.   
The original formula had Whole Brown Rice, Ground Rice, Rice Bran, and Oatmeal. 
The other new changes Mom could see were in the supplements (vitamins & minerals).  The new formula has  increased essential nutrients to support a variety of nutritional needs.

This excerpt is from the press release.
As NUTRO® NATURAL CHOICE® dog food formulas are all new, they may introduce a change to a dog's diet to which their digestive system may be sensitive. To help dogs become familiar with the new formulas, The Nutro Company suggests blending increasing amounts of the new formula with one's current food for six days to allow the digestive system to adjust to the change. This transition will allow dogs to begin enjoying the great taste and benefits of new and improved NUTRO® NATURAL CHOICE® dog food.

To learn more about new NUTRO® NATURAL CHOICE® dog food visit or find us on Facebook at  

Pawsonally, I will be excited to finish my current supply of Nutro and get the new formula! 
 Have any of you tried the new formula?  Please tell me what you think!  Are there any unanswered questions you have about the new formula?

Disclaimer: "This post was written by a Nutro Knowledge Network member and sponsored by the Nutro Company."


  1. Mommie iz feeding me Nutro and soaks it in a lil water. I like it dat way.

    Nice posty Pepper

    1. Thank you Chazz. :) Some dogs do prefer their food soaked a little. I'm glad you are enjoying it.

  2. Yes, unfortunately my dog has eaten the new formula, after eating the old formula for years. I am writing this from the emergency vet's waiting room--my dog is getting a liver ultrasound because after eating the new formula he has become progressively sicker. The only change in his life has been the food, and we have since found MANY posts online that dogs are getting sick and even dying after eating the new food. So far we have spent around $700 in vet bills, and we are no where near done.

    1. I am sorry your dog is sick, I hope he recovers. I don't understand how the food would have caused it. I have not heard of dogs getting sick from the new food. Myself and my nearby family's other 5 dogs eat Nutro. All 6 of us are healthy. I also have several pals who eat Nutro and they are all fine. I know Nutro cares about pets and is very careful with quality controls. Have you tried calling Nutro's customer relations team? Their number is 1-800-833-5330. They are open 8:00am - 4:30pm CST. I'm sure they would be interested in any information you can give them.
      paw waves,

  3. My dog has responded very badly to the new formula. For six years Nutro's food for sensitive skin & stomachs was perfect. Now on the new formula he is constantly itching everywhere, at all hours of the day & night. His skin & coat look terrible. There are no signs of fleas or infection, nothing in his routine has changed - except his new food formula.

    1. I am sorry your dog has the itchies this year. My vet said the pollen was really bad this year and lots of dog's allergies are showing symptoms. It could be environmental allergies, have you talked with your vet, or had the allergy test done to see exactly which ingredients he needs to avoid? Have you called Nutro customer relations to discuss it with them? They to need to hear directly from consumers about any issues.

    2. Unfortunately, my dog's itchies had nothing to do with pollen (there is none around in December!!) or other environmental factors. We changed his food to a different brand three days ago, and his endless scratching has stopped as suddenly as it has started. I wish it were otherwise - Nutro's Sensitive Skin & Stomachs worked so well for us for so many years. Yes, the company does need to be contacted to let them know.