Sunday, March 24, 2013

Dogumentaries - Natural Choice Experiences From Real Families

My pals at Nutro recently showed me some dogumentaries they had collected.
The videos each feature a family telling us how proper nutrition made a big improvement in their dog's life.
 I decided to share a couple of them with you.  If you want to see more, you can view them on Nutro's YouTube Channel.  My favorite one is about a super finicky eater. 

Naturally, the picky one is a small dog.  BOL!!  Although, I do know of a few large dogs that are just as picky as many small dogs.    Tsunami's owner made the same mistake that many owners of picky dogs make.   They give in and feed them human food., because "he likes it".   I like people food too, but Mom doesn't feed it to me as a meal.  I only get people food as a rare treat.

One of the Nutro Knowledge Network members,Dr. Shelby Neely - Ask The Cat Doctor said:
"Proper nutrition has not only changed my pets' lives, but has also driven a huge change in my veterinary practice. After switching my cat, Calvin, to low carbohydrate canned food, it has not only changed his life, it has SAVED his life. NUTRO has 13 canned cat food flavors that are perfect for diabetic cats, which is much better even than the prescription diabetic cat foods. His brother reaped the benefits of switching to low-carb as well, going from 21 pounds to 16 pounds for the first time in his life! They are both healthier and happier now, at almost 16 years old, than they have been in their whole lives!
I think good nutrition is the corner stone to everything else, and it's the primary focus for me at home and in my practice."
Of course I had to include the one about weight management!  BOL!!

Proper nutrition is very impawtant for both dogs and cats.
If you filmed a dogumentary, what would you title it?

Disclaimer: "This post was written by a Nutro Knowledge Network member and sponsored by the Nutro Company."


  1. I Love Eating! Thats what I would title it Pepper BOL! I would eat anything but mommy say's no. Dad tries to sneak me stuff but mommy has eye's in the back of her head. Eating right is very important for all fur's just as it is for people!

  2. M keeps trying to make sure I get proper nutrition, but I refuse to eat the very best of kitty food (high protein). She has given up now and just fives me vet recommended Royal Canin. I like it at least.

  3. I'm only 7, but my pawrents have had me on a weight maintenance dog food fur almost my whole life. That's because cocker spaniels are often overweight. The only hooman food I get is apples and carrots and sometimes cheese or popcorn. (Funny, I only get cheese when I need to take pills. Do you think there's a connection?) I'm sure I would love some of what they eat, but mommy says, "Not in this lifetime!"

  4. I always get dog food and no people food. Not even for treats but must say that when children come to visit we do manage to get some people food before our parents catch them.

  5. My fur babies get 90% kibble. Well, unless you count the duck poo that they eat when they go out. The other ten percent is leftovers (most of our leftovers go to the chickens) and pizza crusts.