Monday, March 4, 2013

Yes, I'm Still Barking! - Global Pet Expo 2013 Part 2

We learned so much during our time at Global Pet Expo.   Many of our favorite companies have exciting new products, and we "discovered" several new companies with pawsome products.
At the JW Pet Company press conference they announced that JW Pet Company and Chuckit! are joining Petmate.  This is big news and everyone involved is excited. 
If you look real close in the above photo, you can see some of JW Pet Company's new extra tough nylon toy line.  This line is designed to meet the needs of stronger chewers.   The way I understood it, the nylon is meant to protect the softer rubber and rope inside of it.   JW is also introducing a fun looking treat tower that comes in two sizes.  I would love to get my paws on a small one!
I am resting on a comfy slipcover at the Sure Fit Pets booth.  (Photo courtesy of Sure Fit Pets)
 We stopped to visit several of our Twitter pals' booths.   I relaxed on a chair at the Sure Fit Pets booth.  It was nice to get out of the stroller for a few minutes.   I also  paused to bark at my pals from Tagg Pet Tracker.   I stopped by Kumfy Tailz for a harness fitting (future review - Bark! Bark!).  

I posed for a photo with my #PetChat pal Dr. Harvey.
We checked out the Dog Rocks booth, collected some treat samples from our pals at Canine Caviar, and I met my #PetChat pal Dr. Tiffany in the outer hallway!   I smiled at my pals from Nutro, then visited their booth.  I wanted to make sure I hadn't missed any new Nutro products!  BOL!   They gifted me with a bag of one of my favorite Nutro foods, the one in the pink bag (Small Breed) of course!   We saw even more Twitter pals and received a few more product samples to review!  

Once again, Mom proves how much our little car can hold.  BOL!
Ok, so most of this came with us from home...

....but, most of this is product samples to test and review!
My stroller is in there somewhere.  I saw it was the very first thing Mom put in the car.

I'm buckled into my Snoozer Lookout car seat.   I love my Snoozer car seat!  We visited their booth at Global Pet Expo.   They have some pawsome products I'd love to use.
We're going to Baron's old house!  Pawsome!  Mom's brother still lives there.  He is fun to play with.  Let's go!
Woof!  I need a nap, I am as tired as a dog.  BOL!
Hey Mom, where did you put my new bed from Buddy Rest? (Future review.  Bark Bark!)
Global Pet Expo was a barking great time!   I can't wait to see what they have next year!
Now, I will take a nap, and dream about all of the furrific products I will be testing to review for you in future posts!  
If you have a favorite product, or type of product, let me know in a comment.   Maybe, if I'm a very good girl, I will have the opportunity to review it for you.


  1. We have one of the Sure Fit Covers on our couch, we have had it for 2 years (I think it is the same one as in your photo) and we love it!

  2. Looks like you need a bigger car, Pepper! BOL!!

  3. Peppers I love your pink Snoozer Lookout seat I will have to get mommy to get one of those for me.

  4. I love your car seat, Pepper!!! Boy, can your Mom fill a car or what?!?
    *Cairn cuddles*

  5. I want a Snoozer Lookout car seat, too, Pepper, except in a manly color like black. BOL You sure came home with a lot of swag!


    1. BOL!! Romeo in pink!! My pink Snoozer isn't swag, Mom purchased it 2 years ago. :) Her mom liked it so much that she purchased a beige one for Baron, in the smaller size.

  6. I think you did a much better job with your overviews than I did, Pep!

    Christie from