Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Hartz Dentist's Best - Pet Product Review & Giveaway

Mom is determined to keep my teeth as clean as she can.
I think Mom may eventually try every dog toothbrush ever made.  BOL!
My pals at Hartz sent us their dental kit to try.

The Hartz Dentist's Best Dental Kit contains a tube of toothpaste, finger brush, and dual ended toothbrush.  The same kit can be used on cats too.  Hartz also sent us a tube of their Dentist's Best Dental Gel to try, it can be used on both cats and dogs.
Both the Hartz Dentist's Best gel and the Hartz Dentist's Best paste have dental shield to help keep your teeth cleaner.
The toothpaste is Vanilla Mint flavor.  It gives me fresh breath.  Of course, I would prefer beef flavor.  BOL!!  The important thing is that Mom can get the toothpaste on the toothbrush, and the toothbrush into my mouth.  
 The Dental Gel is easy to use, you simply spread it along the gum line.  You don't use a brush with it.  You can use the tip, your finger, a cotton swab.... pretty much anything that your pet will allow you to spread it with.  BOL! 
Mom is putting Hartz Dental Gel on Baron's teeth.
The Dental Gel is to help reduce tartar formation.  Baron has a problem with tartar buildup.  He just had a full cleaning last year, but he already has some new tartar.  Hopefully he will get less tartar now that we have Dental Gel to use on his teeth.
The toothbrush is really nice.  It has 2 different size heads, so one kit fits all.  The brush handle is angled for a better reach.  You can see the angle more on the big dog brush end.  The angle isn't as obvious on the small dog/cat brush end.
Mom is brushing my teeth with Hartz Dentist's Best toothpaste and the small end of the Hartz toothbrush.

Mom likes the comfortable handle.  It has a textured, rubberized grip to prevent slipping.   The brush head on the small dog/cat side is one of the smallest toothbrushes we've found.   It is oval shaped, and the rounded tip slips easily into the cheek pocket to reach my back teeth.
 Now it's your turn!  
Hartz will send a Dentist's Best toothbrushing kit and Dentist's Best Dental Gel to the lucky winner!

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  1. MInt and no don't think so. But I hate people touching my teeth >:(

  2. My dog likes mint toothpaste but she hates getting her teeth brushed!

  3. Oh Pepper...Ma is trying a new toothbrush for me over here. I don't mind it too much. It is important to keep one's teeth clean. Now I know why you have such a pearly-white smile!
    *Cairn cuddles*

  4. Sookie would probably prefer a meaty flavor toothpaste to mint as well, but I like the mint for fresher smelling breath. And that's great that this can be used on cats as well- ours definitely need this!

  5. Pepper great blog and you seem to be sitting nicely while mommy brushes your teeth and to use the gel along the gum line. Mommy likes the mint on my breath as daddy said I have bad breath.

  6. Hi Pepper, Its Artie and I like the peanut butter toothpaste for pups that mom buys. I don't have a tarter build-up problem. Mom buys dental treats too.

  7. My dogs really like the CET poultry flavored toothpaste! And I have one dog who has tartar issues and another that seems to be avoiding it but he is only a little over a year old so we'll see.

  8. My dogs LOVE getting their teeth brushed. We buy the mint flavored pastes.

  9. Oh, and no tarter buildup problems yet!

  10. Dumpling's favorite toothpaste flavor is beef. Unfortunately, he does have some tartar build-up!

  11. We have yet to find a toothpaste flavor that Huffle finds acceptable but we just keep looking! Sadly, this means he definitely has some tartar to work on...

  12. I have major tartar build up so tough to clean but the dentist is great...fast but careful. The goal is to ensure my teeth remain healthy and they go to great effort to help to maintain the original teeth.