Thursday, August 25, 2016

4 Things That Would Be Puppy Pawsome To Do - #GuestPost

Hi my name is Becky, I’m a young pup who loves life and of course playing with my mom, Cecilia. Today I want to share with you some of the amazing things that would be so pawsome to do if I could only have the chance to. Now I don’t mean just digging a hole or ripping up the lounge, yes I know it’s fun, but apparently it’s frowned upon by my mom. Anyway are you ready to hear about some of the pawsome things that I would like to do? Let’s get started! 

Be A Super Puppy Hero For A Day
Yes, I’ve seen them on the TV in their weird tight underwear and tight body suits. While my mom laughs at how silly they look, secretly I wish could dress up and save my mom from that evil man who brings these envelopes to our door. Just knowing he’s out there makes my puppy hair stand on edge. Now while ‘man-who-delivers-envelopes’ hasn’t entered the home yet, he’s getting rather close. For the first time again in two days he’s pushed pieces of paper through our door. Doesn’t he know boundaries? Oh I wish I was a puppy super hero for just one day to help save mom from this envelope man. 


Finally Catch The Neighbour Cat’s Tail
I think her name is Georgia, she’s white, has a bell and boy does she have some attitude. Just the other day she flipped her tail in the air before she turned and jumped down from the fence into her yard. For weeks I have been pawperized by that tail, it looks like so much fun to play with. I can imagine swinging it round, chewing on it, or even dragging it through the dirt! For some reason though she won’t let me anywhere near it. Every time I try to run after her to bark to her, it’s like she gets spooked and she runs away! I don’t know what her problem is I’m only trying to be nice. What does she need a tail for anyway? It’s not like she uses it? Me on the other hand I use my tail all the time, while just yesterday I finally caught it after becoming really dizzy. 
 To Roll On That Stinky Thing In The Yard
Oh the smell, it really captivates me. It’s like garbage and rotten eggs all in one! I don’t exactly know what it is but in my backyard there’s something that has a long tail, ears, a long nose and it’s much smaller than me. I think mom called it a ‘dead rat’ once, but I wasn’t really paying much attention. Either way, every time I come close to rolling on it, mom stops me and pulls me back inside. I don’t know why she does this, it’s not like it smells bad or anything. Apparently she’s waiting for a pest man to remove it for her. I hope I can get my roll in before he takes it away. That would be so pawsome.