Saturday, February 2, 2013

Pepper's Paws First Annifursary!

Today is February 2, 2013.  
That means that Pepper's Paws (this blog) is officially one year old!
Pepper as a puppy

Pepper at intermediate graduation, 1 year old.
Dog, have we grown!

This blog started with a pawful of my experiences, and loyal pals who wanted to see them.

Now we review pawsome products, are members of the Nutro Knowledge Network, and post adventures for pals all over the world to see.   These pals still include the wonderful pals who have read my blog from the first day. 
 Thank you!!  Hugs!! 
 I even have my own ink pens and cards!  BOL!   I believe I saw Mom ordering a few Pepper's Paws collars and leashes too!  I will be so excited when they arrive later this year.
I wonder how much we will grow this year!  Where will my little paws take me?   How many trips and adventures will I share with you?  What new products and companies will I review for you?  Will I become a famous model?  What new toys will I squeak?  Will I finally catch that squirrel?  Will I train Mom to give me more cookies?  BOL!  So many unknown possibilities!

What would you like to see more of on Pepper's Paws?


  1. Condogulations Pepper on your annifursary. I remember when Mommie had her doubts bout doing a bloggy. And now here you are a year later...wowzer!! Time goes by quickly, right? Well, happy day to you both. Have more fun adventures.

  2. Happy Anniversary, Pepper!!! Boy, I cannot wait to see what will come for you this year?!? And by the way, you are already a famous (and most gorgeous) model in our book!
    *Cairn cuddles* Oz

  3. congrats pepper on your anniversary!

  4. Condogulations Pepper...I thought you'd have a lovely pawty dress on fur such a big occasion :) I'mhappy we're friends now and can't wait till we get to meet you...remember Oz & I are your Terrier Body Guards *hugs*

  5. Happy First Blogoversary!!!!!!!!!!!!! May there be many more!
    Barks and licks and love,

  6. Happy anniversary Pepper! Can't wait to see more of your exciting adventures! More Pepper is always a good thing :)