Monday, February 4, 2013

Maqnifiscent Grooming & Finishing Splash - Product Review

  I smell Maqnifiscent!

I do not smell like wet dog or dead worm!  I smell like cranberries!  yum!!
Yes, I know you saw me rolling on a worm yesterday, but Mom erased my worm pawfume. 
No, I did not need a bath.  Whew!  BOL!!   Mom misted me with this pawsome new grooming splash.  Mine is cranberry scented.  You can custom order any scent you like!  I hear the chocolate one smells delish!   That would be a pawsome Valentine's present for your humans, to have a dog that smells like chocolate!
Worm rolling!
Does your human remember scratch & sniff stickers from when they were younger?
The Maqnifiscent Grooming & Finishing Splash has the same ability!  The scent refreshes itself when your human pets or scratches you!  Maqnifiscent isn't overpowering, it has a light, refreshing scent.   The scratch & sniff quality means that humans get a pleasant whiff of fragrance instead of a nose full dead worm or wet dog when they pet you.

Maqnifiscent eliminates odors, conditions, and helps detangle your coat.  It is pawfect for between bath touch ups!  High Paw for anything that means fewer baths!  I think most dogs will agree with me about that.  BOL!!  This gentle mist isn't sticky, and my coat feels furrific.  The bottle says for best results use on short hair, but it works great on me.  I am not short haired by any stretch of the imagination.  BOL!  Maybe the part about short hair means it lasts longer on short fur.  It lasts about a week on me.  When I start to have an odor, like when I find a worm to roll on, Mom just sprays me again.

What scent would your humans choose for you? 

Review Disclaimer: I did not receive any monetary compensation for this review. I was given  free products to review. The opinions in this review are my own and not influenced by any outsider . I receive no additional benefits for talking about the products or company.


  1. Hmmm, Pepper...I think we would like cranberry. That has a very clean smell to it. I bet it smells fabulous on you!
    *Cairn cuddles*

  2. Pepper is adorable, what a cutie!!

  3. I love rolling on stuff to BOL! Cranberry smell would be very good!

  4. That sounds pawsome, Pepper! I think they ought to choose chocolate fur me, right?

  5. I think Lemon Mist would be great! Hershey of course your pawrents would chose Chocolate! BOL!

  6. Now, if you could only recommend your favorite groomer in the DeBary area...Where do you buy this product?